In an appearance on Fox News Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul slammed the president over the delay of a key provision in the Affordable Healthcare Act, accusing him of “illegal and unconstitutional” acts in attempting changing laws without congressional approval.

Paul was asked for his reaction to the news of a delay in implementing yet another provision, this time to cap out-of-pocket health care costs. As reported by the New York Times, the Obama administration is allowing select insurers and employers a one-year grace period to adhere to the limit on consumer costs, which otherwise would have capped the amount at $6,350 a year.

The grace period will allow insurers to set higher limits, or no limit at all on some costs, in 2014, the Times reported, noting also that the administration buried the grace period announcement in regulatory material back in February.

“The president doesn’t get to write legislation, and it’s illegal and unconstitutional for him to try and change legislation by himself,” Paul told the hosts of America’s Newsroom.

“If he says to you, you are a political contributor of mine, and I know Obamacare is going to be hard on you, I’m going to give you an exemption,’ that’s illegal, that’s not equal protection under the law, and that’s what he’s been doing for years now.” Paul asserted.

Responding to the president’s charge this week that Republicans have made it their “holy grail” to prevent 30 million Americans from having affordable healthcare, Senator Paul stated “We all want people to have more insurance. My fear is that he’s going to make insurance so expensive that the people that currently have insurance will lose it.”

“People that currently have their insurance through their employer may well lose their insurance because their employer may well say ‘I may as well pay a $2000 penalty than provide $12,000 worth of insurance’. He’s creating an economic incentive for people to actually drop their insurance.” Paul added.

In a further appearance on The Daily Show, Paul again passed comment on Obamacare, saying that he believes the law will have the opposite effect of what its advocates suggest.

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