I’m adding some info about Lamar to this article. I know it’s going to be a long one to read, but I think it’s that important. So here goes:

Lamar is a progressive environmentalist that stopped drilling in ANWAR under Bush and has joined Obama in his war on coal. He wrote that the book that influenced him the most in life was a New Age environmental book. He has voted for all of Obama’s big green job-killing programs. Alexander also voted for TARP, 2012 fiscal cliff deal, Obama’s $85 billion jobs bill, to raise debt ceiling and every costly program the left comes up with in Congress. Lamar was 3rd ranking GOP in Senate. McConnell asked him to “dial it back some & save room for party line occasionally”, instead he stepped down. Lamar said stepping down would “free him to cross the aisle”, which means vote with the Democrats against the will of his party and the voters in his state…

Immigration is an example. His phone lines were jammed with TN voters begging him not to vote for it, but he ignored us again. I’m done begging him to be a conservative. I am going to work to elect a real conservative that I don’t have to call every time the liberals have a new idea…

Lamar has a horrible voting record. Club for Growth’s Scorecard paltry 55%, Heritage Action Scorecard 55% & they said he sponsored 5 of most liberal, big government bills. National Journal found Alexander was the 39th most conservative GOP senator out of the 45 Republicans and that was last year. He is likely in first place now. I can understand Collins & Snow having to vote against party sometimes because they are from blue states, but Lamar does it against the will of his homestate. Lamar also breaks all GOP filibusters because he “doesn’t believe in them”. He did it on all Obama nominations and also on gun control, immigration, etc. You can forget that tactic working if Lamar is around…

When it comes to corruption Lamar has had the book written on it. Ireland wrote a piece called “Politics for Profit: The Rich Rise of Lamar Alexander”. You can find his many great deals like buying an option in a Knoxville newspaper for $1 and cashing it in a couple years later for $620,000. Or the great deal on a house he bought that he sold a year later to a lobbyist for $200,000. He and his wife have made a fortune in office. Even his campaign takes money from anyone looking to buy his vote. The liberal Podesta group and its members made donations to him and suddenly Lamar is voting to arm the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt…

Dear fellow Tennesseans,

Last week, some well-meaning Tennesseans wrote a letter suggesting that I “retire with dignity” from the United States Senate because of a record of ‘compromise and bipartisanship, two traits for which you have become famous.’

Ever since walking 1,000 miles across our state, I’ve listened carefully to the 6 million Tennesseans I’m elected to represent. So the letter deserves respect and this response: I appreciate the suggestion, but if the people of Tennessee will allow it, I’d rather continue to serve — hopefully, with dignity.

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Here’s why:

Our country’s on the wrong track. Our state’s on the right track. So the logical way to get our country on the right track is to transport some of Tennessee’s common sense to Washington, D.C.

One good way to do that is to send to Washington a conservative, problem-solving former Tennessee governor with a record of getting results: Auto jobs. Better schools. Better roads. Balanced budgets. Low taxes. Low debt.

Washington needs more, not fewer, conservatives who know how to govern. Governing means listening, standing up for what you believe in and solving problems to get a result. I did that as governor. I’m doing that as senator. I’m proud of that record.

Remember how Ronald Reagan told the air traffic controllers, ‘If you strike, I’ll fire you’? And they did. And then, he did.

President Reagan was a good example of a conservative who knew how to govern. He stood up to the air traffic controllers — and he worked with Congress to cut taxes, save Social Security, and strengthen defense.

In a letter last week to Tennessee Republicans, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said: ‘Like Ronald Reagan, Lamar knows how to govern with conservative principles, and he uses this experience to get results.’

The auto jobs, better roads and better schools that came to Tennessee while I was governor didn’t come, because I did it all myself. I stood up to the unions — and I worked with the legislature to get results.

And I don’t know many Tennesseans who don’t like those results — who’d want to give back those jobs and roads and schools. As senator, I’ve tried to govern in the same way.

I stood up to President Obama at the White House health-care summit.

I helped block the president’s unconstitutional labor board nominees.

I’m leading the fight against his national school board.

Last month, I helped to enact a market-based plan that reduced interest rates on loans for 200,000 Tennessee students going to college this fall.

I’m passing legislation to make sure the terrible tragedy that caused so many Tennesseans to get sick and die from fungal meningitis never happens again.

In June, my “Freedom to Fish” law stopped an outrageous Washington overreach that would have denied Tennesseans the right to fish below our dams. (If you’re not a fisherman and you’re wondering about this, 900,000 Tennesseans with fishing licenses understand it perfectly.)

I couldn’t do all these things myself. I worked with others to get results.

I’m doing my best to balance the federal budget and fix the debt that’s bankrupting our country. I know how to do that. I did it in Tennessee — and I’m using the same common-sense Tennessee values in Washington.

Sen. Bob Corker and I have introduced a plan to reduce runaway entitlement spending by a trillion dollars. We’ve made speeches. But that’s not enough. We need a result. We need to solve the problem.

How do we do that?

Well, I learned to count in Maryville City Schools. So I know that if you only have 45 votes and you need 60 senators to get something important done like balancing the budget and fixing the debt, then you have to work with other people — that is, IF you really care about solving the problem, IF you really want to get a result, instead of just making a speech.

That’s why I believe that one good way to put our country on the right track is to send to Washington a conservative, problem-solving former governor who worked well with others to get the results that put our state on the right track.

And why, if the people of Tennessee will allow it, I’d rather continue to serve in the United States Senate.

Republican Lamar Alexander is Tennessee’s senior senator.

The Tennessean: “Lamar Alexander: I stay true to my conservative ideals”