This is why Obama didn’t want congress to have the ability to strike down his incredibly dangerous and pointless plan to bomb Syria. The British parliament just voted on a measure, and voted against it.

Not only would bombing Syria spark possible global war with Iran, Russia, and other countries, but it’s also completely pointless. Even Obama’s staff openly admits the goal is to bomb Syria “just enough” that Obama isn’t mocked. Yes, it really is that petty.

In the end, the United States should have absolutely nothing to do with Syria. Not the government, not the radical rebels — nothing. If the people of the United States want to help with charity, that’s one thing. Using tax dollars and American weapons? That’s out of the question.


British lawmakers on Thursday rejected a measure that would have given preliminary approval to military intervention in Syria, in a major setback for both British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Obama administration.

Contact your congressperson now and let them know that if Obama goes ahead without congressional approval, then it’s an illegal, unconstitutional act that is an impeachable offense.

BREAKING: British Lawmakers Reject Plan to Bomb Syria.