Sunset Elementary School in Brentwood, TN had banned students from eating ham sandwiches, BLT’s and anything else made with pork, but eventually lifted the ban after parents complained. Muslims don’t eat pork and are offended if anyone eats it in front of them.

images Radio FoxNews Parents sending their third-grade children back to one Tennessee elementary this school year were greeted with a blanket ban on delicious snacks made from  anything originating from a pig. Sunset Elementary School in Brentwood, Tenn. rescinded the ban on pork just one day after it went into effect because parents complained.

Third grade teachers at Sunset Elementary School in Brentwood, Tenn. sent home an “Approved Snack List” for the school year and it specifically banned anything that comes from a pig. “No meats containing pork,” read the memorandum. “Starting Monday, August 12, 2013 your child must provide their own snack from the above approved snack list.”


Kids could nosh on raw vegetables without dips or sauces, fresh fruit, crackers, pretzels, and popcorn – but no ribs or pork rinds. “Only choose a food from the following list to bring into school for snack,” the memorandum stated in bold-face type. “No other food items are permitted.”

One day after the pork ban went into effect, Williamson County Schools posted a message on their Facebook page telling parents to ignore the rules. “Schools should only be offering suggested snack choices, and that information will be sent home only if your child is in a classroom where there is a food allergy,” the district stated. “Any reference to not allowing pork products in school is incorrect. Please disregard.”

TENNESSEE parents pitch a bitch and force school to lift the apparent Muslim-requested pork ban | BARE NAKED ISLAM.