United Nations Security Council has canceled its 4p meeting after Russia withdrew its request for consultation on the issue of the country getting Syria to surrender chemical weapons.

President and Australian Ambassador to the UN Gary Quinlan tweeted the following after news broke: “Following the withdrawal of the request for consultations, Security Council meeting for 4pm will not proceed.”

To compound the situation, however, United States President Barack Obama has nonetheless asked Congress to delay votes that would authorize military strikes against Syria, in order to “give Russia time to get Syria to surrender any [weapons] it possesses,” Reuters reported Tuesday afternoon.

“What he (Obama) wants is to check out the seriousness of the Syrian and the Russian willingness to get rid of those chemical weapons in Syria. He wants time to check it out,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin told Reuters reporters.

UPDATE 3:32p ET:  According to the latest reports, Syria’s foreign minister has said that the Syrian government supports the Russian initiative and wants to hand over all chemical weapons.

UPDATE 3:45p ET: With news fast breaking on the story, Shepard Smith asked whether the U.S. just got played by Russia.

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UN Cancels Meeting After Russia Withdraws Request; Obama Tells Congress to Delay Vote on Syria Strike | Fox News Insider.