Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey in hot water for Tweeting  the truth.


State Democrats are criticizing Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey over a Twitter post that said President Barack Obama was trying to become an ally with al-Qaida in Syria.

“As the President attempts to ally w/ Al-Qaeda in Syria’s civil war, we must always remember who attacked us on our soil 12 years ago,” the @RonRamsey Twitter account posted.

State Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron called on Ramsey to fire whoever wrote the tweet, noting that Republicans U.S. Sen. Bob Corker and House Speaker John Boehner agreed with the president’s call for a limited strike on Syria because of a chemical weapons attack. The president has since decided to pursue a diplomatic solution.

“I’ve served too long with Ron Ramsey to think that he wrote that tweet,” Herron told The Tennessean. “I think Speaker Ramsey is too smart to write something that stupid.”

Opponents to the intervention have noted Syrian rebel elements include al-Qaida-affiliated militants.

A Ramsey spokesman did not return a message seeking comment.

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