I would not put it past some of these people to stage some of these shootings in order to get their gun legislation passed. This may sound crazy, but it may not be as far fetched as it may sound.

Obama pitched his latest effort to disarm the American people hours before a deadly shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.

Obama: 90 percent of Americans support restrictions on Second Amendment. ( I guarantee you 90% is an extremely stretched figure)

Appearing on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” Obama insisted 90 percent of Americans support gun control but that a “faction of the Republican Party” prevented Democrats from passing anti-Second Amendment legislation.

“The problem we have is we have a faction of the Republican Party, in the House of Representatives in particular, that view compromise as a dirty word, and anything that is either remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose,” said Obama. “And my argument to them is real simple. That’s not why the people sent to here.”

Following a defeat to pass draconian anti-firearms legislation back in April, Obama and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pledged to continue the effort to diminish gun rights in the United States.

The Navy Yard attack arrives less than a week after two Democrat gun control advocates were recalled in Colorado. Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron were replaced with Republicans who are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment. Both Democrats were supported financially buy notorious New York gun grabber Michael Bloomberg and his Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns.

The recall effort highlighted the fight between supports of gun rights and those who would roll back the Second Amendment following the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut and a shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

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