Obama “waging war on coal gas and oil”

The direct speaking Robert Murray pulled no punches when he addressed the Bluefield Coal show in West Virginia today.

The CEO of Murray Energy, one of America’s largest coal producers, had a lot to say and the word impeachment was one of them during a hard hitting keynote speech to the coal mining industry, as well as to the rest of America.

Murray warned that Obama‘s disastrous energy policies are leading America to a European model of energy poverty as evidenced by huge price spikes to consumers in Britain and Germany…

“They are destroying low cost electricity in America for everyone, including our citizens on fixed incomes and our manufacturers of products that compete in the global marketplace.  European countries, particularly Germany went this route with disastrous consequences”

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He backed up Germany’s energy plight with: “Germany spent 194 billion in the past 10 years on their “green” Obama experiment, including 10.2 billion in subsidies for solar alone. The result is German electric prices have jumped 61% and 15% of German families live in energy poverty.”……All of their predictions on the cost of solar and wind power were understated five-fold”

 “To make up for German’s energy shortfall created by the loss of nuclear power and the inefficiency of “green” electricity, Germany is currently building 23 new coal-fired electricity generating plants.”

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