I might add:Michael Patrick Leahy, co-founder of BEAT LAMAR
cited two examples of Devaney’s public violation of those rules. “On July 20—when Lamar Alexander already had one announced candidate, Devaney served as the master of ceremonies for a Lamar Alexander campaign event at the Smyrna Airport. Then, on August 31, by which time Alexander had two announced opponents, Devaney,signed a letter sent out on the letterhead of the Tennessee Republican Party that was, in effect, an outright endorsement of Lamar Alexander. Specifically, Devaney wrote ‘With Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander on the ballot, we have the chance to help put Republicans in control of that chamber [the Senate], too.’ This is, in effect, a public endorsement of Lamar Alexander by Devaney.”

According to Leahy, how the Tennessee Republican Party deals with Chairman Devaney’s blatant disregard for the party’s own rules will be a test of the integrity of the state party leadership. “Rank and file Republicans in Tennessee expect the party’s chairman to live by the same rules they live by. If the Tennessee Republican Party allows Mr. Devaney to remain as chairman, in light of these egregious violations of the rules, it will send a clear signal that they believe rules and laws are just for the little people, not them.”

SOURCE: http://www.nashvillescene.com/pitw/archives/2013/09/18/lamarwatch-the-right-wing-would-really-like-chris-devaneys-head-on-a-pike

Then we also have this by Ben Swann:

GOP Chairman Breaks Law, Endorses Embattled Incumbent US Senator

When most people think of Tennessee they arrive at conclusions of country music, BBQ, mountains and conservative politics. If one were to crack open the voting records of TN’s federal delegation they would be in for quite the shock. Of Tennessee’s 11 federal delegates (9 representatives and 2 senators) only 3 have a conservative score or 80% of higher. In fact, the highest score is an 88%, which belongs to Rep. John Duncan (R-TN2). The biggest shock comes when looking at the two US Senators. Bob Corker (R) scores 40%, and Lamar Alexander sits with a dismal 41%. Even the democratic delegate Jim Cooper (D-TN5) has a more conservative record at 42% than does his US Senate counterparts. Tennesseans find themselves in a consistent state of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to finding true conservative representation. In many cases, Tennessee may be considered the most liberal state in the South.

In 2012 a serious challenger with resources to compete with Bob Corker could not be found. His seat was safe. This election cycle things are different. State Rep. Joe Car recently announced his candidacy as a credible candidate to take on Lamar Alexander. The state establishment went into chaos. The field of possible candidates has cleared and Carr will take on Lamar head to head. Lamar’s stature has changed since a credible candidate emerged. Suddenly, Lamar finds himself having to vote against Obama, which is something he typically doesn’t do. One study shows Alexander votes with the President’s agenda more than 62% of the time.

A grassroots campaign has sprouted called “Beat Lamar“. The organizers are the same who assisted Ted Cruz (R-TX) to his US Senate seat. Lamar previously secured assistance from almost every federal delegate in the state for his reelection. However, it’s not enough. Lamar is starting to trail in the polls.

Step in Christopher Devaney, chairman of Tennessee Republican Party.  A letter was recently sent to Tennessee republican primary voters, which asked voters to consider donating $25->$100 to help take control of the US Senate by reelecting incumbent Lamar Alexander (R). Devaney makes no mention of Joe Carr (R) in his letter to TN GOP voters.


In doing so, Devaney broke party laws. Article II, Section IV of TNGOP bylaws state:

Neither the Executive Committee as a body, nor the Officers, nor the TRP’s paid staff members, nor a County Republican Party or Executive Committee as a body, nor County Republican Party Chairmen shall endorse a Republican candidate in a contested primary election.”

Many are now calling to Devaney to resign for breaking party laws. Devaney responded by saying that it was a vendor mistake, and that the letter was created months ago. However, it is well known that Devaney has close ties to Alexander, Corker and Governor Haslam who are all working to support Lamar. Furthermore, Devaney had plenty of time to fix the letter if he actually intended to.

Whether it was Devaney’s intention to endorse Alexander is not clear. However, it is clear that Devaney is under extreme pressure from Tennessee’s liberal GOP establishment to keep Alexander in office.

GOP Chairman Breaks Law, Endorses Embattled Incumbent US Senator | Ben Swann Reality Check.