Here’s what Rand Paul said in another interview about this subject:

“What’s ridiculous is the president comes out yesterday and says ‘oh if the Republicans don’t get 100% of what they want they’re going to shut down the government.’ It’s actually completely the opposite. He wants 100% of Obamacare as passed by Democrats with no input from Republicans or he’ll shut the government down. It’s him threatening to shut it down. He doesn’t want to listen to any reason or any compromise.”

The House of Representatives, voting along sharply drawn party lines, passed a measure Friday to keep the government funded through mid-December but eliminate funding for the new federal health law, setting the stage for a series of high-stakes negotiations with the Senate over debt and spending.

By 230-189, the Republican-led House passed a plan that would temporarily avoid a partial government shutdown when the current fiscal year ends on Sept. 30. Only two Democrats voted for the measure, and one Republican voted against it.

Senate Democrats are planning to strip out provisions that would eliminate funding for the health law. Members of both parties say that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) has enough votes to do so, although the process may entail overcoming time-consuming procedural hurdles laid out by conservative senators that could take up all of next week.

“I’m much more confident there won’t be a shutdown,” said Rep. Pete King (R., N.Y.). But he predicted that the debate could be drawn out nearly to the Oct. 1 deadline, because the House isn’t likely to quickly pass a funding extension stripped of the health-law provisions, if that is what the Senate sends to it next week. “There could be some more back and forth.”

The vote came after House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) met behind closed doors with House GOP lawmakers to discuss the strategy for the next fight, over raising the U.S. borrowing limit.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has told Congress that he expects to hit the debt limit in mid-October, and that the government would then run out of ways to keep paying all its bills. Republicans want to set conditions on any increase in the borrowing limit. The White House has said it isn’t willing to negotiate on the debt limit, saying that raising it is the responsibility of Congress.

“The key thing is we are going to negotiate over the debt limit. The president isn’t going to be able to say, ‘I’m just simply not going to talk with anybody,’ ” Rep. Tom Cole (R., Okla.) told reporters after the meeting.

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