This is an outright lie….under Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan when the gov’t was shutdown the military got paid. If this happens, you can blame the Obama State Dept. The CR passed by the House would fund all aspects of government except Obamacare. If the government shuts down, it will because Obama didn’t get his way and chose to not pay the military.

Service members would remain on duty and work without pay if a government shutdown occurs, the Pentagon said Monday.

Pentagon press secretary George Little said told reporters Monday that all service members would continue to work in the event of a government shutdown, but they would not receive their paychecks until the shutdown ends.

“They may not be paid on their regular payday,” Little said.

Civilian Pentagon employees, however, would not receive retroactive pay without a “legislative fix” by Congress, Little said.


The Pentagon is still determining which civilian employees would work under a shutdown, depending on whether they are deemed essential employees.

Making preparations for a government shutdown has become a familiar exercise for the Pentagon and the rest of the federal government, after a shutdown was narrowly averted in 2011.

As the 2011 shutdown was looming, Pentagon officials said that roughly half of its civilians would be furloughed, a plan the Defense Department is likely to follow this time around.

Little said that all civilian employees would show up next Tuesday, the day the government would shut down if a funding measure isn’t passed. Those who aren’t exempt would then be sent home.

If the government shuts down, it would amount to a second round of furloughs for many Pentagon civilians this year, as most civilian employees were furloughed for six days in the summer under the Pentagon’s sequestration budget cuts.

— Carlo Muñoz contributed.

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