Don’t school officials have brains anymore? This is a toy he was playing with at HOME …it appears common sense is out the window with this school’s zero tolerance policy. If the school insists on suspension for a year, I believe I’d sue them. As you read this keep in mind: The children were suspended for possession, handling and use of a firearm.
Image Credit: WAVY-TV

Image Credit: WAVY-TV

Kahlid Caraballo is a 12-year-old, seventh-grade student living in Virginia Beach, VA. Kahlid and his friend, Aidan, were both playing with an airsoft gun in his yard while they waited for the school bus to arrive.

The two boys “shot” two other friends, and the school is now charging the two boys with “possession, use and handling of a firearm”.

The two young boys have been suspended from school since the incident occurred. Later this afternoon their parents are supposed to be informed whether or not they will remain suspended until next school year.

Kahlid tells reporters at Wavy-TV that he and his friends were not even at they bus-stop. “We were in our yard. This had nothing to do with school,” says Kahlid.

Tim Cook, Aidan’s father, told reporters that the toy never left private property and that what happened to his son lacks common sense. (it sure does!)

Are toy guns firearms? Is it the school’s responsibility to probe into what children do in their own home?  Let us know below-

Student Faces Possible Year-Long Suspension From School For Playing With Toy Guns At Home | Ben Swann Reality Check.