Sean Hannity said it..I’m ready for it. I’ve heard enough. There isn’t a Republican Leader in Washington DC who gives a crap about me and you. I tweeted Sean a few moments ago and asked if he was ready to put his money where his mouth was and not support another Republican.

Call me a divider, blame it on Ross Perot again. Sorry, different time, different circumstance. The Republicans actually had something to work with. This time, they’re a spineless, conniving, deceitful and spiteful lot that needs to be turned up and dumped out on the street. Our founders would have them lined up and shot.

It’s bad enough they won’t follow through, they have to be begged, they have to be threatened to act in the best interests of the US, but to attack one who is doing what he was elected to do did me in. This afternoon, (9/25) on Sean’s show, John Cornwyn of Texas basically whined and said that when we get the Senate…blah, blah, blah. Senator, you can’t do anything with the House and they have the purse strings. You have a President who steps on the Constitution and you won’t call him out. The procedure be damned…you have the authority, you have the backing of the conservatives, the Tea Party, and you lay down and wallow in the mud that the Democrats give you to lay in.

Don’t expect the next few months to go in your favor. While we conservatives put a balance in the House to stop it, it was your stupid antics that lost the Senate…trying to hold on to people like John McCain, Lamar Alexander, and frankly, you sir.

It will not continue, because “We The People” are tired. We’re tired of you blowing smoke up our collective rears and sitting on our pocketbooks while you wine and dine in DC and call yourselves protecting our interests.

I will do everything within my power sir, to see that you and all your worthless buddies are defeated…one by one, until there are people like Ted Cruz in your place. There is a change in the wind. We are angry of you sitting on our dime and telling us love stories while you stab us in the back. Get ready to hear the words that will soon be delivered as soon as the people can…”You’re fired”. We may not be able to convince the Democratic strongholds, but you can bank that the conservatives will be looking to replace all of you when we get real conservatives found. There will be a vetting. No more lies, no more deceit, no more pandering.

We are looking for Statesmen to send to Washington, not babbling, full of air, do nothing fools. You are served…