The Obama administration has released a new report about the cost of health insurance under Obamacare entitled, “Significant choice and lower than expected premiums available in the new Health Insurance Marketplace.” The wording was no doubt picked very carefully, because while the premiums for insurance might be lower than expected they’re much higher than what Americans are paying now.

Today, during a White House press briefing, Obama administration spokesman Jay Carney was asked by Fox News reporter Ed Henry why the report they issued compared current premiums to previous projections rather than real-world prices Americans are paying right now.

Because it’s not an “apples-to-apples” comparison, responded Carney. Rather “it’s an apple full of worms compared to an apple that’s fresh and delicious.”

Carney is suggesting that it’s not fair to compare Obamacare prices that will soon be available on government exchanges with prices Americans are currently paying because the Obamacare policies carry new care mandates that increase the quality of the insurance.

Of course, the fact that Obamacare makes health insurance less customizable is sort of the problem isn’t it? Most people would consider the ability to customize their plans, rejecting coverages they don’t need or want in favor of lower prices, to be an important feature I’d think.

Obama Administration Fudges Obamacare Premium Numbers | Say Anything.