US Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is facing increased pressure from the tea party. Alexander has been named “Liberal Lamar” from many in the state and his challenger, state rep. Joe Car, is capitalizing on that title.

Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

It was already exposed that Alexander tried to purchase more than 20k Twitter followers a couple months ago because he lacked support. Individuals were furious when they realized that they were somehow now supporters of the liberal republican. Alexander dumped the load of new “supporters” before too many noticed.

If you visit Alexander’s campaign Facebook page you will see more criticism than support. In fact, less than 10% of those who comment on Alexander’s posts are supportive of the senator. However, his critics are not democrats. In fact, Alexander’s critics are tea party, libertarian leaning, constitutional republicans.

Tens of thousands of republican voting Tennesseans have voiced their concerns with the senator on his Facebook page. However, Alexander doesn’t want to hear it. Rather than listen to his constituents, Alexander simply blocks them from commenting. In an attempt to deceive voters, Alexander has blocked tea party critics from commenting on his Facebook page so only comments of supporters are visible to the public.

Sam Hatt, a self-described constitutional conservative and Sparta,Tennessee resident , tells us that Alexander blocked him shortly after Representative Carr announced he would challenge him for the Senate seat. “I asked Alexander how many pieces of silver Washington was paying him to vote liberal. I was no longer allowed to comment or contact the Senator,” says Hatt.

Phil Dedrick, another self-described constitutional conservative and legislative activist living in Waynesborro,Tennessee, has voted for Alexander every time he has run for office since 1978. “Things are different now,” says Dedrick. ”He votes Liberal and we Tennesseans sent him to DC to vote as a conservative, and only as a conservative. If Lamar is going to vote the way he has been, then he should run as a Democrat.”

Dedrick was blocked after posting Lamar’s voting record on a post where the senator had lied to voters about his vote. “I was simply trying to show voters the truth,” says Dedrick.

Incumbent Republican US Senator Blocks Tea Party Voters From Communicating With Him |.