We have a serious problem folks, Obama is attempting to take over America, that is obvious.

(UPDATED 6:20 CST) : The NY Times has changed the title of their news story from “Obama Rejects Republican Proposal” to “Obama and G.O.P. Fail to Agree”. Still, it should be obvious that the only way that’s possible is for Obama to reject the offer. More evidence is coming forward revealing that the GOP establishment is looking for an even bigger compromise as we speak.

Anyone in the media who reports that it’s the “GOP’s fault” that the government can’t compromise is nothing more than part of a propaganda machine. Even the New York Times, just 20 minutes before this article went live, reported that it was Obama who turned down the GOP.

Obama does NOT want to compromise. He has said he “shouldn’t have to offer anything” to the GOP. He wants total defeat — the country be damned. The only way he’ll compromise is if it actually gives him more power in the future. Read this to see some examples of how a “compromise” could greatly help him.

This is why he shut down the Grand Canyon even while Arizona offered to pay for it. It’s why he is picking fights with elderly WWII vets. It’s why he does everything — he wants total power with no restrictions.

BREAKING: Obama Just Rejected GOP’s Short-Term Compromise (Video).