There is a fantastic new app on the scene. It is called Second Vote and you can now look at how the places where you shop spend their money and how they lean Politically. It is a must have if we are going to send a strong enough message to liberals. Warning, we may not have many places to shop anymore if we ban them all. The way it works is simple. You can either browse through the stores or search for one in particular. The scoring system is 1-3 = actively liberal, 4-5 = passively liberal, 6-7 = passively conservative and 8-10 = actively conservative. You can also vote within the app and say yes you will shop there or no you won’t. There are businesses out there that are actively engaged in destroying this Nation and I believe We The People have a right to know what agenda we are supporting when we choose to shop there. I urge all of you to get this app. The link is here:

Shop Conservatively… Literally With New App – Tea Party Nation.