No doubt this was poll-tested and run by a focus group or two because the entire Democratic party is now in lockstep blaming the insurance companies for cancellations that have come about because rules written by bureaucrats in the Obama administration.


Leading Democrats on the Hill have their talking points and they’re sticking with them:


“Insurance companies cancel insurance policies. That’s what they do,” said Reid.

You should talk to the insurance companies if they’re dropping people,” said Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. “The idea here is to have affordable insurance to people that don’t have it.”

“I think whenever possible, they should be able to keep their plan,” Klobuchar finally admitted.

“I don’t think there’s any surprises yet,” said Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland of reports of insurance cancellations.  

“The free market did not change,” Cardin added. “The ability of an insurance carrier or employer to maintain their plans was there, and some are taking other actions.”

Cardin was the only senator asked by TWS to flatly reject the measure to let people keep the plans they had in 2013.  “I think it’s just too early to look at changes for 2014,” he said.

One senator was not willing to cede the point that many Americans would be losing their current health insurance plans. When asked if those folks who like their plans should be able to keep it, Jon Tester, Democrat from Montana, responded, “I think your premise is wrong.”

What was wrong with the premise? “You said millions of people lost their health care,” Tester responded.

What about news reports saying as much?

“They’re wrong,” Tester said. He continued, “I think what we’ve got is we’ve got a current system that we’re moving out of that has a whole bunch of people who don’t have insurance. We’re going to try to get them insurance.”

So was President Obama wrong when he said Americans could keep their insurance if they like it? Tester didn’t say.

“Shut the door,” he told the Capitol elevator operator. “I didn’t pick that up.”

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