I’ve been saying this for some time now, firing our military leaders to prevent a coup……

From Jim Garrow ~ The Nazis used the “alleged misconduct” as their catchall as well. Getting close to 200 have been removed in Bathhouse Barry’s house cleaning effort. Got to have everyone singing from his song sheet and can’t let at little thing like the Constitution or the Rule of Law get in the way. Hail Obama, or is that Heil?
– Dr. Jim Garrow –


Editor’s Note – It is becoming clear to many Americans that Obama is destroying our military through firings, removing Christianity, removing “don’t ask, don’t tell”, and many believe there is actually a test on whether an officer or soldier would ever fire upon their own citizens. He is also changing it in other directions and introducing diversity as a core item over proper military training, but could it be to prevent being deposed?

Allen West recently published his views on the diversity mandate:

I now know why the Army hasn’t trained for the past six months. According to Major General Jessica L. Wright (USARNG, Ret), acting Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, diversity and inclusion is critical to mission success…obama-military-e1325851547761

The webpage for the event, titled “Mission Critical: Transatlantic Security and Diversity,” explained, “it is a security imperative for military leaders to proactively advance diversity and inclusion (D&I) best practices,” because of the “rapid demographic change [and] advances in gender and LGBT equity and a new generation of veterans in NATO countries.”

Silly me, I thought a trained and ready force needed to be proficient in its war fighting tasks in order to fight and win our nation’s wars – that was what mattered for mission success. It seems this new perspective on our military is based upon the misguided progressive socialist vision of social egalitarianism. (Read the rest here.)

You can also read about the future of our military from the Congressional Research Services here.

In fact, many now believe the reason behind all these moves is to prevent a military coup as Gina Miller writes below:

U.S. Military could depose Obama, so he’s destroying it

by Gina Miller – Polymontana, and WorldNewsBureau

Gina Miller - World News Bureau

Gina Miller – World News Bureau

For several years now, many of us have been wondering who will stop the anti-American, anti-freedom, lawless Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), his administration and the commie weasels in Congress.

As we watch the in-your-face criminal actions of Obama and his minions (the list of which seems interminable), it is clear that members of the other two co-equal branches of the federal government are either in agreement with him or are too scared of the shadowy powers behind Obama to lift a finger against him.

This strange, debilitating non-resistance to Obama can’t be based solely on the fear of being falsely accused of “racism,” so I conclude it is based either on agreement with Obama or fear of something much worse.

The courts and Congress rarely defy him, and Congress is too wimpy to bring articles of impeachment, so who is left with the power to depose this junior tyrant who’s occupying our White House?

The military is the only force with that power, and Obama knows it.

So, what has been one of Obama’s chief goals since taking office?  Destroy the United States military, remove the American patriots from it, and replace them with Obama drones—of the human variety.

Obama is Destroying Military – to Prevent being Deposed? | The SUA Blog | Stand Up America US.