Obamacare was supposedly about bringing health insurance to America’s uninsured.  However, a new Gallup polls shows that the vast majority of uninsured Americans are completely ignoring Obamacare altogether.  Even worse for Obama, that number has almost doubled in the last month.

from Gallup:

 In the midst of widespread news coverage of problems with the federal health exchange website, relatively few uninsured Americans (18%) — the primary target population for the exchanges — have so far attempted to visit an exchange website. The percentage is slightly higher, 22%, among uninsured Americans who say they plan to get insurance through the exchanges.

These results are based on a series of questions Gallup asked uninsured Americans about the health exchanges from Oct. 23-Nov. 6.

Gallup previously found that less than half of uninsured Americans (44%) who plan to get insurance say they will do so through an exchange, and about one in four say they are more likely to pay a fine instead of getting insurance. These findings help explain the low percentage of the uninsured who have attempted to access the exchange websites.

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This is not the Hop

Poor Richard’s News – Crash and Burn: Gallup poll shows 78% of uninsured have no plans to participate in Obamacare.