Last week, Republican Mike Pantelides defeated Democratic incumbent Josh Cohen for the job of mayor of Annapolis.  That doesn’t sit well with the city council, as Democratic Alderman Ross Arnett, has decided that the voters aren’t entitled to their votes.  He intends to offer an amendment to strip all power away from the mayor and give it to the city council.  The post of mayor will become merely ceremonial, although he will get one vote on the democratic heavy city council.

Under Arnett’s plan, the city manager will answer directly to the city council and not the mayor.  No word on whether he is also going to introduce legislation to eliminate voters from choosing their mayors in the future.

Pantelides won a squeaker over Cohen, winning by a mere 59 votes.  Cohen conceded the race, saying, “The voters have spoken. I respect the will of the voters and the voters have said they want a different direction for Annapolis.”   Pantelides is the first Republican mayor of Annapolis since 1997. 

“I think I have the leadership and the vision to take the city in a new direction. And I look forward to working with people.”

Residents expressed hope that the city’s direction can be reversed and businesses will return to Annapolis.

Lynayn Mielke, An Annapolis business owner said, “I really look forward to our new mayor really being open-minded and working with everyone. And really seeing Annapolis for what it’s been, what it is and what it can be.”

Keith Himmer added, “Trying to make things look nicer and bring the businesses back. I think it’s a wonderful thing.”

Pantelides says his two top priorities are to lower taxes and water rates.

Annapolis City Council Attempt to Invalidate Election Because a Republican Won – The Free Patriot.