Obama’s record in the courts is abysmal.  Tyrants never do good with courts.  Courts expect you to follow the law.  The US Court of Appeal in Chicago by a 2-1 vote ordered two cases involving the contraceptive back to the lower court, with instructions to issue a restraining order, forbidding Obama from trying to enforce the mandate.  Last week, Obama lost a similar lawsuit.

These decisions are huge because they have determined that business owners may use their religious beliefs in making decisions for their companies.  That is what we call religious freedom and it’s still alive in the courts even if it had died within the democratic party.  They do not boo God from the bench like they do at the Democratic national Convention.  This almost assures the fact that the Supreme Court will hear the cases.

U.S. Circuit Judge Diane Sykes wrote:

“These cases — two among many currently pending in courts around the country –  raise important questions about whether business owners and their closely held  corporations may assert a religious objection to the contraception mandate and  whether forcing them to provide this coverage substantially burdens their  religious-exercise rights.”

Edward White, representing  Cyril B. Korte, commented:

“This is an important issue to people who run these small companies and are  dictated by their faith in how they should run the company.”

“The decision is the first appeals court ruling finding in favor of both the  owners and the company.”

“The Supreme Court will take up the case because “you have a conflict on an  important national issue.  We’re overjoyed.”

The ACLU expressed disappointment at the decision.

Appeals Court Spanks Obama Again – The Free Patriot.