Referred by Mark Levin on Facebook, Must read: GOP unleashes thugs and threats.

I was debating whether to publish this post. After seeing this below pop up just now, I decided to go with it. There may be a part two, as well. Stay tuned.

Evidently it isn’t only groups establishment Republicans are now threatening and blacklisting. I received similar threats below last week. See below.

The GOP group that’s blacklisted by the GOP

Mitch McConnell has a bad habit of blaming the grassroots for the party’s losses and ignoring our role in the party’s victories.

Immediately after learning of a recent NRSC effort to attack the GOP’s grassroots base and any potential primary challenges to its incumbents, I shot off an email to them suggesting a conference call, as I suspected the tactics would backfire. I still believe that and, in fact, they already have. The opposition to McConnell in Kentucky has grown significantly precisely because of the heavy-handed tactics of what appears to be a bunch of frat boys running wild and carelessly running their mouths on behalf of the NRSC.

They seem to have a bad habit of doing that from the New York Times, to Twitter and now to bloggers in email. Big mistake.

It was only afterward that I read and came to fully understand the length to which the NRSC seems willing to go to stifle political dissent within its own party.


Upon understanding what they were up to in detail, I then wrote a much deserved scathing critique – leaving out Dayspring and an associate with whom I was to speak on Monday.

In 9 plus years of blogging, never have I seen a story this telling of a Republican Party that doesn’t understand its base, or New Media. Worse, it’s indicative of a corrupt inside the Beltway party that has abandoned, or decided to ignore nearly everything I believe in as an American and a conservative. This is a disaster for several reasons I’ll try to briefly and clearly explain my thinking below.

NRSC, Dayspring Threaten Blogger With Private Emails, Black-listing – Riehl World News.