This week, the Obama administration will be releasing the first numbers on the Obamacare enrollment and it will be every bit as honest as Obama himself.  To get an actual idea on how many enrollees have actually signed up, you need to know, who has actually paid for it.  But according to the Washington Post, that’s not the number they are going to give us.  They will be more, shall we say liberal, in their counting.  They intend to count everyone who has paid and everyone who has signed up but not paid.

But you must remember, that the site was originally set up, where you needed to complete the entire process in order to get the cost of your insurance.  So, anyone who got a price and decided not to purchase a policy will count as an enrollee.  This will inflate the numbers by the number of people who have decided to pay the penalty or otherwise not sign up for Obamacare.

An administrative official, speaking on condition of anonymity said, “In the data that will be released this week, ‘enrollment’ will measure people who have filled out an application and selected a qualified health plan in the marketplace.”

The report will do little except to inflame tempers as each side will point to the differing numbers to make the program look wildly deficient or mildly successful.  The number of people who have signed up and paid will be dwarfed by the number of people, who went through the entire procedure, just to reject it.

The Wall Street Journal has said that insurance companies have received 50,000 completed applications and even if you add state tallies, we will be far below the 500,000 the administration had predicted.  They will blame the roll out and not the exorbitant cost increases under the Obamacare bill.  The administration is defending this way of measuring, pointing out that they are finished with the government once the application is finished.  It’s up to the insurance companies to collect their fees.

So we will get what we have always gotten from our government under Obama, and that is false and misleading numbers.

Obama to Release Misleading Numbers on Obamacare… – The Free Patriot.