California City Fines Couple for Holding Bible Study in Their Home

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Can you believe this in America? Can you say 1st amendment……

A southern California couple has been fined $300 dollars for holding Christian Bible study sessions in their home, and could face another $500 for each additional gathering.

City officials in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. say Chuck and Stephanie Fromm are in violation of municipal code 9-3.301, which prohibits “religious, fraternal or non-profit” organizations in residential neighborhoods without a permit. Stephanie hosts a Wednesday Bible study that draws about 20 attendees, and Chuck holds a Sunday service that gets about 50.

The Fromms appealed their citations but were denied and warned future sessions would carry heftier penalties. A statement from the Pacific Justice Institute, which is defending the couple in a lawsuit against the city, said Chuck Fromm was also told regular gatherings of three or more people require a conditional use permit, which can be costly and difficult to obtain.

“How dare they tell us we can’t have whatever we want in our home,” Stephanie Fromm told the Capistrano Dispatch. “We want to be able to use our home. We’ve paid a lot and invested a lot in our home and backyard … I should be able to be hospitable in my home.”

According to the Dispatch, the Fromms live in a neighborhood with large homes and have a corral, barn, pool and huge back lawn on their property, so parking and noise aren’t a problem.

“There’s no singing or music,” Stephanie said. “It’s meditative.”

The Dispatch reported a code-enforcement officer gave the Fromms a verbal warning about the meetings in May, then returned to issue citations in June and July. According to the paper, the city’s code-enforcement department is reactive, meaning they only respond to complaints.



ABC network set to attack Christianity with “Good Christian B-tches” show

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What will they think of next?

For Heaven’s sake, don’t let God get in the way of a good story!” – GCB author Kim Gatlin

March 7, 2011

The ABC network is currently working on a pilot for a prime-time program called “Good Christian B-tches.”

It’s a Christian-bashing version of ABC’s current “Desperate Housewives.” The show centers on a recently divorced mother of two who moves back to the affluent neighborhood where she grew up to find herself in the whirling midst of gossip, Botox and fraud.

Disney-owned ABC has no reservations about creating hate speech against Christians, but you can be sure they would never consider a show called “Good Muslim B-tches” or “Good Jewish B-tches.”

With a title like “Good Christian B-tches,” you can imagine what kind of show it will be. Even if they change the title, the content will still mock people of faith.


Sign a petition to ABC and parent company Disney to drop all plans to air the anti-Christian program “Good Christian B-tches.”

We’ll add your petition to thousands of other voices in also urging advertisers to place it on their “do not advertise” list and consider pulling all ads from the ABC network in protest of this Anti-Christian bigotry.

Please let your local ABC station know that you will pressure local advertisers to pull their advertising business from the show and station, should it choose to air the program. You can find your local station’s contact information here.

Take Action Now Sign the Petition now! 


Is Obama a Christian? We report you Decide

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Why does Obama have everything related to him sealed up and is paying attorneys Lord knows now much to keep everything related to him sealed up? Any honest answer would be he has to be covering up something. What is he covering up…..I’m not sure, but he’s hiding something. Maybe the fact that when he went to the Indonesian school and was adopted he gave up is US citizenship? And when he got it back some time in the future he was classified as a “naturalized citizen” because he can’t get the ‘natural born’ designation back? Maybe the fact that he was declared a Muslim on his school records and when he went to college here in the States he declared himself a ‘foreign student’? None of this can be denied because  no one has seen the paper work to deny it. And all of it is a possibility. We also know that the Founding Fathers definition of “natural born” was that both parents were to be US citizens, not just one. Obama’s father was a dual citizen of Kenyan/British subject, that is admitted by Obama himself. So yes, like it or not, there are many legitimate reasons to still question Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of the President of the US legally.

UPDATE: Jury Acquits Christians Arrested at Arab Fest; Dearborn to face Civil Lawsuit

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Well as predicted the Christians arrested at the Arab Festival in Dearbornistan, Michigan were acquitted by the jury and a civil lawsuit will be filed against the city.

Jury Acquits Christians Arrested at Arab Fest; Dearborn to face Civil Lawsuit

Arrested based on sharia law, acquitted based on U.S. law. That’s the good news, via Thomas More Law Center.

Late Friday evening, a jury of six Dearborn, Michigan residents returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty of breach of the peace charges, which were brought by the Dearborn Police Department against four Christian evangelists as they were peacefully proselytizing to Muslim youths during the Arab International Festival on June 18, 2010.

The Thomas More Law Center, a national Christian public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, represented the evangelists, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, Paul Rezkalla, Negeen Mayel and David Wood, at no charge. The jury returned its verdict after an hour and half of deliberations. Nageen Mayel was found guilty of failing to obey a police officer—a charge unrelated to the actual incident, which will most likely be reversed on appeal.

Robert Muise, the Law Center’s Senior Trial Counsel, handled the five-day trial. The prosecutor placed seven witnesses on the stand including Chief of Police, Ron Haddad.

Even after the acquittals, Dearborn’s mayor, Jack O’Reilly, continued his ongoing and unprecedented personal attacks on the Christian evangelists, accusing them of being anti–Muslim bigots. O’Reilly’s continuous anti-Christian rhetoric was clearly an attempt to curry favor with Dearborn’s large Muslim population, which also explains the Police Department’s alarming mobilization to arrest the four Christians.

And the wrongly arrested/persecuted are fighting back:

For all those who’ve been asking, yes, a civil suit will be filed against the City of Dearborn for violating our Constitutional rights. The sad part is that this could have been avoided. If police had respected our rights at the festival, there wouldn’t have been a lawsuit. If the city had apologized after arresting us, acknowledging their wrong, I doubt any of us would have been interested in a lawsuit. (We were assaulted by multiple security guards last year, and we never pursued a lawsuit.) But instead of acknowledging their wrong and apologizing, the City of Dearborn declared war on us, blasting us with an endless supply of libelous accusations (read the Mayor’s letter), sending an obsessed prosecutor against us (who assured us in court that “it’s not personal”), bringing multiple liars (e.g. Roger Williams and Corporal Kapanowski) to the stand to bear false witness against us, and ultimately convicting Negeen because Judge Mark Somers seems to think it’s perfectly acceptable for police officers to manhandle a teenage girl who hadn’t even been accused of a crime. Yes, we’re finally ticked off, and during the trial, our resolve to seek justice was solidified. We’re happy that the Thomas More Law Center has decided to move forward with a civil case.

The bad news is that one of those arrested actually was convicted on one of the bogus charges, from Answering Muslims:

State Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills) had the following statement regarding the verdicts given in the trial of the four Christian missionaries arrested at the Dearborn Arab American Festival:

“Today in Dearborn, the jury got it mostly right in finding Paul, David and Nabeel innocent of disturbing the peace. The city of Dearborn, the Dearborn Police and especially the Dearborn Mayor owe them a huge apology immediately.

However the guilty decision for Negeen Mayel’s charge of failure to obey a police officer is extremely disturbing to me. I met with the ACLU here in Michigan recently to make sure we had good laws protecting citizens’ right to video police officers and their activity and they said we have the model for other states. But based on today’s decision, it seems that police in Michigan can get cameras turned off before doing questionable things (like making an arrest that was just found to be bogus by the jury). And how did the police have the right to tell Negeen Mayel to turn off her video camera and how can he touch her….for what reason? The video she took made it clear the police stepped way out of bounds.

Now – for all this charade, the city of Dearborn needs to be dealt with firmly….unless they plan to try to secede from the union and have their own laws. This is the United States of America and we here in the USA have something called Freedom of Speech. Dearborn – get used to it!”

They just might, and we know what law they’d choose to govern by. We cannot get used to that.

More details and video of her arrest
via Blunder of Dearborn Judge Mark Somers Gets Negeen Mayel Convicted

I would encourage people to go to the link above and read for themselves how the judge in this case did not follow law when making his decisions re: Negeen Mayel. Seems in Dearborn, the mayor, police, and Judge Somers believe they can make their own laws up as they go along, rather than following U.S. laws and precedents.
May I just express now my joy that 3 of these defendants received justice per the jury! But even more satisfying to me is the civil lawsuit Dearborn will now face for the injustices that Christians have suffered there, for Dearborn’s willing acceptance of islam and sharia law! More conservatives need to follow this example and file civil lawsuits across the nation when these cheap tactics are used to subvert the freedom of U.S. citizens!

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New Update:Obama goes to church to hear a Muslim speaker!

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Here’s an update of the article I posted about Obama going to Church this past Sunday, it appears they were having a Muslim speaker. Another coincidence?


Obama goes to church to hear a Muslim speaker?

Did Obama attend a Protestant church on Sunday because a pro-Palestinian Muslim was invited to speak?

(Sept. 20, 2010) — Yesterday, on Sunday, September 19, 2010, the Obama family attended church for only the third time in a year. They went on foot to the St. John’s Episcopal Church situated across the Lafayette Park.

But what is widely not reported by the White House and the MSM is that on that particular Sunday in that particular church, Dr. Ziad Asali, M.D., a Muslim, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine, was the guest speaker. He was there to speak on the subject of “Prospects of the two-state solution in the Middle-East.”

According to the website of the American Task Force on Palestine, it is a “non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC.” The organization describes itself as “dedicated to advocating that it is in the American national interest to promote an end to the conflict in the Middle East through a negotiated agreement that provides for two states – Israel and Palestine – living side by side in peace and security.”

Dr. Ziad J. Asali is described as “a long-time activist on Middle East issues” who has testified to both chambers of Congress about Palestinian interests, increased U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority, and “Israel’s disproportionate use of force” in Gaza.  A retired physician, Asali received his early medical training at the American University of Beirut.  He previously served as President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and Chairman of the American Committee on Jerusalem (ACJ), which he also co-founded   He also served as the President of the Arab-American University Graduates (AAUG).

Next Sunday, September 26, 2010, another guest speaker, Dr. Aaron David Miller, a Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, is scheduled to speak on the same subject. Dr. Miller was a State Department Analyst and Negotiator from 1978 to 2003. According to the Wilson Center, his expertise lies in US-Middle East relations, Arab-Israeli negotiations, Arab world and Palestinian politics and Israeli politics. He has appeared on major network television as a guest, and his writing has been internationally published. His latest published book is titled The Much Too Promised Land; America’s Elusive Search For Arab-Israeli Peace and was published in 2008.  An excerpt from the book can be found here.

(Dr. Miller is not to be confused with a famous organist with the same name and professional title who ironically has been a church organist and music director at Protestant churches.)

Let’s see if Dr. Miller’s views on the subject will have enough of the same attraction for Obama and his family to return to Church or if the appeal of golf shall once more be irresistible.

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Obama drops ‘Creator’ from Declaration quote


My brother put me onto this little re-writing of history by our “Christian” President. Seems while speaking to an Hispanic group he ‘neglected’ to quote the Declaration of Independence in it’s entirety. I’m sure that was just an accident, aren’t you.(sarcasm)

Obama drops ‘Creator’ from Declaration quote

President gives no credit to author of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness

President Obama removed the reference to the “Creator” from the Declaration of Independence when he quoted a portion at a meeting of the Congressional Hispanic Congress.

Obama said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed with certain inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

But the the actual quotation is:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

On the Gunny G blog, there was outrage.

“I’m surprised this has not created a stir – perhaps lost in the election results,” he wrote.

Worldnet Daily

November Elections Just Around the Corner: OBAMA GOES TO CHURCH!

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Oh Pleaseee President Obama, let’s not be so obvious! Golf season is coming to a close. Elections are right around the corner. Let’s head to church… for the FIRST TIME in 20 months.


The first family left the White House on foot this morning for the 9am choral holy eucharist service and sermon at St John's Church Lafayette Square.

The Obamas walked out of the residence at 8.49am and crossed the park to the nearby Episcopal church.

The president was wearing a dark suit and held Sasha Obama's hand. She was wearing a blue dress and cream cardigan. Michelle and Malia Obama were wearing cream-colored dresses. (Check photos for accuracy of descriptions. It's sunny and pool was at a distance.)

The service sheet doesn't indicate what the sermon is on but the gospel is Luke 16:1-13, which ends 'You cannot serve God and wealth.'

Lafayette Park and Pennsylvania Avenue in front of White House were closed to the public.

Drudge Report

US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with daughters Sasha (2nd L) and Malia (2nd R) walk across Pennsylvania Ave, from the White House to attending Sunday service at St John's Episcopal Church September 19, 2010 in Washington, DC.

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