NRSC, Dayspring Threaten Blogger With Private Emails, Black-listing

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Referred by Mark Levin on Facebook, Must read: GOP unleashes thugs and threats.

I was debating whether to publish this post. After seeing this below pop up just now, I decided to go with it. There may be a part two, as well. Stay tuned.

Evidently it isn’t only groups establishment Republicans are now threatening and blacklisting. I received similar threats below last week. See below.

The GOP group that’s blacklisted by the GOP

Mitch McConnell has a bad habit of blaming the grassroots for the party’s losses and ignoring our role in the party’s victories.

Immediately after learning of a recent NRSC effort to attack the GOP’s grassroots base and any potential primary challenges to its incumbents, I shot off an email to them suggesting a conference call, as I suspected the tactics would backfire. I still believe that and, in fact, they already have. The opposition to McConnell in Kentucky has grown significantly precisely because of the heavy-handed tactics of what appears to be a bunch of frat boys running wild and carelessly running their mouths on behalf of the NRSC.

They seem to have a bad habit of doing that from the New York Times, to Twitter and now to bloggers in email. Big mistake.

It was only afterward that I read and came to fully understand the length to which the NRSC seems willing to go to stifle political dissent within its own party.


Upon understanding what they were up to in detail, I then wrote a much deserved scathing critique – leaving out Dayspring and an associate with whom I was to speak on Monday.

In 9 plus years of blogging, never have I seen a story this telling of a Republican Party that doesn’t understand its base, or New Media. Worse, it’s indicative of a corrupt inside the Beltway party that has abandoned, or decided to ignore nearly everything I believe in as an American and a conservative. This is a disaster for several reasons I’ll try to briefly and clearly explain my thinking below.

NRSC, Dayspring Threaten Blogger With Private Emails, Black-listing – Riehl World News.


America’s Rating as a Free Country Continues to Plummet

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This is a sad article for me to post….we are losing our freedoms folks.

Freedom can be defined in many ways. However, one of the greatest indicators of freedom and liberty is economic freedom. True free-market capitalism is the basis of individual liberty. However, America is no longer a top 5 contender, and we haven’t been for a years. Actually, America is barely even in the top 10. The 2012 Index of Economic Freedom study reports that America continues to fail. Who took first place in economic freedom in 2012? The



answer may surprise you. It was Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s score was an 89.9%, which was a 0.2% increase from 2011. Following Hong Kong in order: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Mauritius, Ireland, and finally America at number 10. America’s economic freedom score was a 76.3%, which is down 1.5% from 2011. In fact, America is no longer even rated as a “Free” nation, which is a title granted only to countries with a score above 80%, but a “Mostly Free” nation. Right behind America rated at number 11 is Denmark. Denmark places the highest total tax pressure on its citizens in the world.

This study takes the following 10 benchmarks into account when rating countries: Freedom from corruption, property rights, individual fiscal freedom, restrained government spending, monetary freedom, business freedom, labor freedom, trade freedom, investment freedom, and financial freedom. As mentioned earlier, economic freedom is more vast than it may sound on the surface. It includes all of the above benchmarks, which affect our everyday lives. Money is not the root of all evil; however it is at the root of our lives and if we are not economically free one must ask themselves if our freedom simply a fallacy. There are 9 other countries more economically free than America and our rating is dropping drastically. In 2010, America was rated number 8.  With the numbers trending down and all of the benchmarks trending towards negative values America’s rating should not be expected to improve when the 2013 ratings are released.

There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty. -Margaret Thatcher

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Parker Griffith Announces He’s Switching to the Republican Party

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Guess this makes it even, after RINO  Arlen Specter – Republican switched to the Democratic party earlier this year. Now Parker Griffith of Alabama swithes to the Republican party, saying the Democrats no longer represent his values and convictions.

Griffith Announces He’s Joining Republican Party

Rep. Parker Griffith, a Congressman from Alabama’s fifth district, officially announced this afternoon that he’s switching from the Democratic to Republican party.

“As most of you know, I was elected by the people of north Alabama as an independent conservative Congressman,” he said in a press conference.

“I have become increasingly concerned that the bills and policies pushed by the current Democratic leadership are not good for north Alabama or our nation and, more importantly, they do not represent my values and convictions,” he said.

Griffith described himself as “pro-business, pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.”

“I am announcing today that I am joining the Republican conference immediately,” he said, saying the GOP is more in line with his beliefs.

“It’s been a tough decision,” he said.

GOP Constitutional Challenge to Senate Health Bill Fails


Well this is no surprise~because the Democrats are in full control and the majority. But in 2010 it is going to cost them seats ~ big time.

GOP Constitutional Challenge to Senate Health Bill Fails

The Senate on Wednesday rejected a GOP senator’s call to examine the constitutionality of a health care mandate central to its overhaul bill as it moved up its final passage vote by one hour to 7 a.m. ET Thursday.

Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., wanted to determine whether it was constitutional for the federal government to require Americans to purchase a health insurance.

But the Senate voted 60-39 against the challenge.

The vote was one of a series of seven votes wrapping up the health care debate.

Once the Senate measure is passed, it has to be merged with legislation passed by the House before a final bill could go to President Obama.

House liberals insisted Wednesday that certain provisions be included in the final bill, including a government-run insurance plan that was dropped in the Senate legislation as part of the concessions made to moderates to secure 60 votes.

“For Congress to achieve true health care reform we must have a meaningful conference process that integrates both bills into the best possible piece of legislation for the American people,” California Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee said in a joint statement.