Impeach Obama Banner Flies Over the Rose Parade, Next Stop: Super Bowl

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As promised,two patriotic groups flew an “Impeach Obama”banner over the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. The Impeach Obama Tea Party and Stop Obama Now – San Diego flew a banner,with 12-feet-tall letters,over the parade and surrounding highways during the well-attended annual event. Roger Ogden,the primary organizer behind the flights,e-mailed this author that FAA regulations limited visibility over the parade itself but the banner was heavily visible outside the immediate parade route.

The groups raised more than $2,500 in contributions from all around the country to fly the banner.

Because of this author’s coverage,the groups listed the,with and the “America Betrayed”radio program,in its acknowledgements.


The Big Surprise From Iowa: 75% Of Republicans Don’t Want Mitt Romney

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Here’s a surprise I bet you didn’t hear on MSM…….

Mitt Romney won 25.19 percent of the vote in Iowa in 2008 – and lost that contest by 9 points.

Since then, Mitt Romney spent millions of dollars. He got better at debating. He annihilated Rick Perry. The SuperPAC aligned to Romney took out a surging Newt Gingrich with negative ads. And Romney focused his energy on attacking Barack Obama.

All that got him was 25 percent of the vote again last night. Almost exactly the 2008 result he had in Iowa.

He lost the nomination then. This isn’t exactly the start to 2012 Team Romney was expecting.

75 percent of Republican Caucus-goers want someone that isn’t Mitt Romney – a result that reflects polls nationwide..

And now Mitt Romney has four problems.

1) The media is going to hound Mitt Romney for underperforming – because they hate a frontrunner, because they appreciate an underdog, and because they are desperate for a real, hard-fought contest.

2) Newt Gingrich basically turned his concession speech into an announcement that his campaign would no longer be about winning. He will now focus on stopping Mitt Romney from winning and stopping Ron Paul from influencing Republican foreign policy. Mike Huckabee became determined to perform a kamikaze attack on Romney four years ago and it worked.

3) Rick Santorum is going to soak up a lot of oxygen this week. If he had risen weeks ago, he would have been given intense scrutiny. Now all that scrutiny will be leavened by flattering accounts of “how he did it” and how “he might just do it again” in New Hampshire.

4) Jon Huntsman was the only other candidate besides Rick Santorum that wasn’t damaged by last night’s results. He didn’t compete, so he didn’t underperform. He is going to get fresh attention and he is going to be focused on tearing Romney down.

Romney can take care of all four of these problems if he simply translates his 40 percent poll numbers into 40 percent of the vote next Tuesday in New Hampshire.

As for Ron Paul, it just didn’t pan out for him and his fans. Ron Paul came in second in the Ames Straw Pollin August. But he finished third in the contest that really mattered.

Despite that, Paul’s campaign is a major success. He brought in a gigantic number of independent voters and first-time caucus-goers. Without Ron Paul, the turnout in the Iowa Caucus would have been abysmally low this year.

Yahoo Finance

Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie: Iowa GOP Will Not Allow Ron Paul To Win

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Regardless of whether you like Ron Paul or not, do you really want this happening within the GOP?  This is America, not Russia or China….

Republican strategist Dee Dee Benkie revealed during a radio show appearance last night that the GOP establishment has resolved to prevent Ron Paul from winning tonight’s Iowa primary by offering sweetheart deals to move large voting blocks to vote for Romney or Santorum.

A UStream radio show broadcast with Faux News commentator Dee Dee Benkie, asserting that the Iowa GOP plans to manipulate the vote by whatever means; to prevent a 1st place Ron Paul win on January 3rd, 2011.

From her is disclosure of the Iowa GOP’s definitive *plans* to inhibit a first-place win by Congressman Paul, not just by shoulder-persuation at the county caucus locations, but via behind-the-scenes trickery. Such as their ‘secret vote’ count announced *just minutes* following Occupy’s plan to disrupt the caucuses.

The move occurred despite Occupy protest leaders confirming there were no plans to disrupt the caucuses themselves.

It’s necessary to emphasize the fact that Dee Dee Benkie is by no means decrying the subversion of the Iowa primary. She is openly anti-Paul and is brazenly advocating that he be prevented from winning Iowa by means of establishment insiders exerting undue influence on voters,.

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris has compiled a checklist to aid vote observers in ensuring a fair count.

Donald Trump Backs Mostly Democrats

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Do you think these donations mostly to Dems indicates how Trump might govern if elected President?

Trump Backs Mostly Democrats

American entrepeneur Donald Trump, currently being promoted by some
conservatives as a populist presidential candidate for the Republican
Party in 2012, donates heavily to Democrat Party candidates.

An examination of his donaton record
shows the Donald gave thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Democrat
candidates Charles Schumer, Anthony Weiner, Hillary Clinton, Harry
Reid, Bill Nelson, and others. He also gave three seperate donations
totalling US$ 14,800 to the New York Senate campagin of Kirsten
Gillibrand. (The article fails to say Trump also gave $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel)

Trump donated to the failed presidential campaign of Republican John McCain in 2008. He also gave US$ 50,000 to the non-profit American Crossroads, which claims
it is “dedicated to renewing America’s commitment to individual
liberty, limited government, free enterprise and a strong national

That donation, made on October 16, 2010, may explain why Trump has
been championed by the likes of conservative talker Michael Savage, who
has endorsed the New York mogul as a presidential candidate for the
Republican ticket in 2012.

Trump was also welcomed to speak at the recent CPAC meeting, where he
was roundly booed for saying that Texas Republican Ron Paul, who won
the group’s straw poll, would “never become president.”

The Right Perspective

Likely GOP presidential candidates praise God, criticize Obama in Iowa

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Five Republicans take turns wooing social conservatives at an event hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

|By Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Waukee, Iowa — Sharing an audience for the first time in Iowa, five prospective Republican candidates for president spoke of godliness and chorused their opposition to legal abortion and all things Obama in an audition Monday night before a capacity crowd of social conservatives.

Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, a surprise entry who formed an exploratory committee just last week, could have spoken for all the White House hopefuls in attendance when he opened his remarks by declaring, “I’m a pro-life, traditional values man.”

The forum was hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, an
organizational successor to the Christian Coalition, and drew about
1,000 of Iowa’s most dedicated political activists to a star-spangled
auditorium at Point of Grace Church outside Des Moines.

The event
was the first multi-candidate gathering in a state that is set to begin
the presidential nominating process, with precinct caucuses scheduled
for Feb. 6. As such, the event drew dozens of reporters from around the
country, Europe and even a pair of camera crews from Japan.

candidates essentially pledged the same thing, with a few variations in
language and emphasis: defending marriage as a covenant between man and
woman; curbing abortion; slashing the federal deficit; and shifting
power away from Washington in favor of state and local governments.

Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota, delivered one of
numerous condemnations of President Obama and the secular tilt that he
and others blamed on the country’s fraying morality.

“We need to be a country that turns toward God,” he said. “Not a country that turns away from God.”

Los Angeles Times

Top Donald Trump aide in Iowa meeting with GOP leaders

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Speaking for myself, I just don’t think Donald Trump would make a good president. Has anyone seen any polls with Trump on it and how did he fair?

One more tidbit on Donald Trump:He gave campaign money to Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel for his mayoral run, Hillary Clinton, and the list of liberal Dems continues. He may well be an excellent businessman, but his approval and support of those who would continue to ruin this country ……this shows exactly his political mindset and leanings.

Top Donald Trump aide in Iowa meeting with GOP leaders

A senior aide to billionaire Donald Trump arrived in Iowa today to meet with Republican officials and activists and seek input about his effort to draft the real estate magnate and reality television star to run for president.

But that aide, Michael Cohen, said the draft effort was independent from his role working for Trump, despite using one of Trump’s private aircraft to travel to Iowa.

Cohen is executive vice president of The Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump. He works on Trump’s floor on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

He is also is a co-founder of, a website formed to gauge interest in a 2012 bid for the Republican. Cohen said Monday the website had drawn more than 500,000 supporters.

“I see him every single day. My office is on his floor,” Cohen said. “So, I certainly do have contact with him. But right now, this is for”

“Certainly, along with the other half a million individuals, we are very anxious to learn about Iowa and be able to report back to Mr. Trump when he hopefully decides to run in June,” he added. “This is on my own. I took a personal day today.”

Cohen said he asked Trump if he could use the corporate jet for the mission, but that Trump is not paying for the trip.

“Somebody else is paying for it,” Cohen said. “Stewart Rahr is actually paying for it, the co-creator of”

Cohen met briefly with Iowa Republican Party Chairman Matt Strawn before speaking with reporters. Cohen declined to say who else he planned to meet with today, although he said he planned to attend a forum in Waukee this evening five prospective presidential candidates planned to attend.

Trump said Thursday in a Des Moines Register interview he planned to visit Iowa before he made his decision in June.

Blogs. Desmoine Register

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Iowa Voters Impeach Three Pro Gay Marriage Judges From Bench


All I can say is that it is about time something like this happened.  Not just on the same sex marriage issue, but other many issues as well when the judges go against what the people of that State have done. We have another good example today in Oklahoma where the Citizens voted against ever letting Sharia Law become law in their State. Today a Oklahoma Federal Judge put a stay on that vote becoming effective. If possible the State of Oklahoma should impeach that judge as soon as possible.  In this case it was a judicial retention election. Then the remaining judges will think twice before overturning what the majority of the Citizens voted into law. Chief Justice Marsha Ternus and justices David Baker and Michael Streit were voted off the bench in Tuesday’s election, creating multiple vacancies on the court for the first time since its inception.

Iowa Voters Impeach Three Pro Gay Marriage Judges From Bench

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich told a conference call for conservative Christian pastors Thursday that Iowans voting to oust three state Supreme Court justices over their 2009 ruling legalizing same-sex marriage was an example of voters “taking on the judicial class,” according to a report by People for the American Way.

Gingrich, while touting the massive Republican wins in Congress and state legislatures as profoundly historic, also called attention to the million-dollar Religious Right-led campaign that led to the rejection of three marriage equality-supporting Iowa Supreme Court justices in retention elections.  “Taking on the judicial class,” said Gingrich, and telling judges that “we are not going to tolerate enforced secularization of our country,” is “one of the most important things we can engage in.”

Gingrich, who is once again openly mulling a run for president, will return to Iowa later this month to speak at Iowa State University in Ames. He will discuss his new novel, “Valley Forge: A Story of Endurance and Transformation.” The Republican openly advocated for the judges to be removed from the bench, saying earlier this year that doing so “will send a signal to the whole country that there is a citizens revolt under way.”

Iowa Independent


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