Another Year has gone by….

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Unbelievable, but here we are…Christmas 2012, and New Year 2013. This place has been special to me. Not necessarily that we can connect with our readers here, but that it has gained us many friends. It has also connected me to my dear friend Mike, who without his skilled and knowledgeable contributions, this blog would not be a successful as it is.

Since restarting my radio show, I haven’t posted here like I should, but that will change soon as we intend to link it with my stations website soon. It should be available there, as well as available via smartphone too. I already link it to my twitter feed @stevewtjs.

I want to sincerely thank Mike for his devotion to this blog over the past several years, and mostly for his friendship. I wish you the best Christmas ever Mike Davis, and to your family as well..a most successful, prosperous and happy 2013.

For our readers, thank you. Thank you for reading us, listening to our rants, agreeing or not, and making this blog successful. With this post, we have had over 165,000 hits. We are doing something good, I believe.

Merry Christmas from me and Mike again. Not the politically correct “Happy Holidays”. If you read us often, you know we’re not PC and proud of it! It is our wish that you have a Happy New Year as well, and keep reading. We’re going to keep posting as long as we’re able!

Steve Hilton

Mike Davis


Muslims Demand All Citizens Stop Celebrating Christmas Or There Will Be Hell To Pay!

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This is why we don’t need to let Muslims get a foot hold in America. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!

Faithful Muslim leaders in Europe and their allies in United States begin a campaign to stop all of us from wishing each other “Merry Christmas”. According to their document just released, we should all go to hell for even putting up Christmas lights. They threaten “hell to pay” on those who celebrate the birth of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Will you be intimidated this year and only say “happy holidays”, or “seasons greetings”, or hide your Christmas tree in schools and censor Christianity from the front of our public buildings out of fear of muslim terrorist retaliation if you dare celebrate the most important event in all of history?

To find out more of the demands from terror supporting muslims, watch this expose on the one demanding all Christmas celebrations to stop:

Patriot Statesman

Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays here…

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Once again, it’s time to say a most wonderful of Merry Christmases and a very Happy New Year to all of our readers.  Mike and I appreciate all the comments, and we hope  you’ll do more in 2011. We look forward to bringing you lots of good news this year, but rest assured, if they don’t…we will talk about it here!