Oops! Say it isn’t so……..

The Conservative community–particularly those of us in the media–have been pointing out the two primary “flaws” in the polls conducted for Democrats, which is a form of “manufacturing to order,” intended to produce “results” that are more favorable to the mainstream media’s candidate of choice, President Obama, as well as the political planks of Liberal ideology.

The first method is to only poll “Adults,” versus the more accurate “Registered Voter,” versus the most historically accurate “Likely Voters,” which is almost exclusively used by Rasmussen Reports–who are consequently, by far, the most accurate polling organization ever–and the one we favor, when other polls conflict.

Even though “declared” in the poll methodology, the first tactic is to “over-poll” one party or the other–in this case, Democrats by 11 points, which NBC Political Director and Chief Political Correspondent Chuck Todd admitted during his appearance on MSNBC earlier today, according to Mike Flynn’s Breitbart.com article and video footage this morning.

To most people this would be considered a very brazen tactic; however, when raw facts cannot provide a news story that caters to the politically far-left leaning mainstream media complex, they often use poll-rigging to “create” a “news story.

While Mika Brzezski, the daughter of President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and female anchor with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” morning news show, was confidently reading the poll results showing the virility of Barack Obama’s campaign performance over Gov. Mitt Romney, until Scarborough asked Todd about the ‘caveat’ he had regarding these poll results, which Todd must have expressed off-camera.

After shuffling nervously in his chair, Todd reluctantly came clean at about time 3:50 in the video, by answering…

Our sampling was a little Democrat-heavy…compared to [our poll] last month.

Mika can be heard saying … “Ohhh…,” under her breath in the back ground–a muffled squeak of integrity, perhaps?

A little Democrat-heavy?

According to Flynn’s research, the poll over-sampled Democrats by 11 points or more, i.e. 46% of the sample identified as Democrat, 35% identified as Republican.

In 2008, a very big year for Democrats, the electorate was D+7, 39% Democrat, 32% Republican–you have to go back nearly thirty years to find an election with such a partisan skew.

According to Rasmussen’s July 2, 2012 poll it was 35.4% Republicans, 34.0% Democrats and 30.5% “Unaffiliated” [Independent]–Rasmussen has conducted this poll every month since November 2002, surveying 15,000 “Adults,” versus the usual 700 to 1,000 people used by most other polling organizations.

Finally, when Scarborough asked Todd how the Democrat over-sampling would affect these results, he replied that instead of Obama now having a 6 point lead over Romney, if the same [weighting] from last month was used, Obama and Romney would be in a dead heat–just like at the end of last month.

But, Todd quickly added that the surrounding poll results proved that in the end, ‘Obama was tactically winning the race.’

Even though Chuck Todd’s off-handed conclusion is completely invalid–just like his poll–the real question begged is why would the mainstream media want to destroy the last hint of their journalistic integrity, by fashioning an obviously false lead for President Obama and Democrats?

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