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I just got off the phone with Congressman Stephen Finchers office. Allow me a moment to rant. Stephen Fincher may be a lot of things, but what he’s been labeled in a blog called the Wonkette is totally ridiculous – almost as ridiculous as the screen name “Doktor Zoom” that he hides behind. I almost put the link up, but I’m not going to get into an argument with a fool, they generally drag you down to their level.  Not only is Stephen Fincher my congressman,  I don’t always agree with his opinions, heck he may even strain me when I get ready to vote. He can tell you that himself, he’s sit through several with me screaming at him, but I have to say he always listens. One thing you cannot challenge is that he is a Christian, he thinks and acts like one, and it’s really hard to do in the cesspool that he’s in. I hear what a lot of people don’t get a chance to hear, sometimes on, sometimes off the record.

This idiot has an opinion. It’s wrong. He claims there’s proof. Really? Anything can be spun. No matter what happens in Washington, I believe that Stephen believes that he is representing the best interests of his constituents. He stands up for his values, he doesn’t always choose what I think he should, but maybe we should call and encourage sometime instead of throwing trash that he doesn’t deserve.

Argue with his politics, I do. Argue that he isn’t conservative or libertarian enough to suit you. That’s fine, but unless  you know what you’re talking about, I’d stay away from personal attacks unless you know the man.

I do, I will vouch for him on that front. He is a fine upstanding man who is in an almost unimaginable hell. Our country needs more Stephen Finchers. Not because we agree on everything, but we agree that he is trying to do right because of his values and his love for the country.

Sure, make your juicy headline. Just make sure you know what you’re talking about.



The 8th Congressional District…the Best Money Can Buy?

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I’ve borrowed this from the West Tennessee Conservative Blog…this needs to be spread to everyone who is voting in the 8th Congressional District:

If you can’t beat ’em, BUY EM’!!!

Nashville Post Politics has posted a blog I wrote on May 20th concerning Ron Kirkland’s unethical buying of the domain names http://www.stevenfincher.net/, and http://www.stevenfincher.org/.

In the interest of fairness,

Kirklands consulting firm, The Stoneridge Group, owns http://www.stevenfincher.net/, http://www.stevenfincher.com/, www.stephenfincherforcongress.net, http://www.stephenfincherforcongress.org/, and http://www.stephenfincherforcongress.com/

and I think it is worth mentioning they also own http://www.votekirkland.com/,

The Stoneridge Group are in charge of Dr. Kirkland’s web propaganda, er, I mean campaign.

Paid by Kirkland dollars, yes, Dr. Kirkland is responsible for this, or could it be he has no control over HIS “Washington Insiders”?

Either way, this is the same dirty, underhanded tactics the Kirkland campaign has been engaging in since December.

Kirkland INDIRECTLY tied to Jackson Clinic donations to Roy Herron of $8000
(Even though he was head of the organization at the time the donations were made)

Kirkland INDIRECTLY related to giving over $50,000 to Liberal Democrats in Congress while Chair of the AMGA and on their board,

Kirkland INDIRECTLY tied to the domain name scandal with Fincher,
(even though it is Kirkland campaign dollars paying the Stoneridge Group)


Should we start calling Kirkland the “Teflon Ron”???

Always right around the controversy, but somehow not “directly” related to it.

I guess we can expect the same if he should be elected our Congressman too.

If you are smelling a strong scent of poo, it’s usually a good indicator there is a heaping pile of it not too far away.

-The West Tennessee Conservative

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr. Ron Kirkland, not the man he says he is…

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

I have been looking into the activities of Dr. Ron Kirkland, candidate for the TN 8th Congressional District. What I have found casts serious doubt as to his motives for running for this office.

I urge anyone interested to look into the information I have found, and decide for yourselves.

About Dr. Kirkland:

Jackson physician Dr. Ronald Kirkland, a practicing physician for 25 years, Dr. Kirkland is the immediate past Chairman of the Board of The Jackson Clinic, a multispecialty medical group comprising over 120 physicians in 14 West Tennessee locations.

Dr. Kirkland also served as Chair of the Board of the American Medical Group Association based in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2008.

During his first appearance on “The Mike Slater Show”, which is broadcast on WTJS, Dr. Kirkland stated that:

“I could not run against John Tanner, I’ll say that again. What I chose to do was to take advantage of our close friendship and call him and plead with him at times to please vote the conservative line of the people of the 8th congressional district whom he represented in Washington. And I think I was effective in that.”

Considering that Tanner has voted with House Speaker Nanci Pelosi over 90% of the time, I’m not exactly sure how effective Dr. Kirkland was in influencing Congressman Tanner, or was he?

Kirkland has been campaigning around the 8th District saying he is a “true conservative”, however his own words, and even more importantly his own actions, speak very differently.

Along with donating money to John Tanner in the past, Kirkland has also donated money to liberal Democrat State Senator Lowe Finney (D-Jackson). When asked about his campaign contributions by Mike Slater, Kirkland responded “In my role as chairman of the board of the Jackson Clinic, it’s been necessary to speak to our representatives up there….it’s just appropriate that you help someone a little bit politically if they help you.

Which begs the question-

Dr. Kirkland was Chairman of the Board of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) in 2008, the very time healthcare legislation now passed into law and known as Obamacare was being written.

I have found published donations to Members of Congress while Kirkland was Chair of the AMGA, and it reads like a Who’s Who of the most liberal Democrats on the Hill.

1.) Max Baucus ($10,000!!!!) (D-Montana)
2.)Pete Stark (D-California)
3.)Anna Eschoo (D-California)
4.)Earl Pomeroy (D-North Dakota)
5.)RAHM EMANUEL (No explanation needed)
6.)John Dingell (D-Michigan)

The donations of the AMGA to candidates for the 2010 election cycle gets even better
1.) Nan Hayworth AMGA member $5,000 (Running for NY 19th Seat- got more info on her down the email a little bit)
2.) Our own RON KIRKLAND- AMGA Member- $5000!
3.)Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) Senator
5.)Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
6.)Steny Hoyer (Pelosi’s Right Hand Man)
7.)Max Baucus

And my favorite:

Why all this money to liberal Democrats, especially THESE? They all have to do with controlling Obamacare legislation. Kirkland saying he had no control over, or no idea who the AMGA giving money to while serving as Chair of the AMGA is like Steve Jobs saying he had no clue Apple was developing the iPhone…

So, you may be wondering why was Kirkland and the AMGA throwing money at these people? What were they trying to get written into Obamacare?

I’ll tell you.

Ron Kirkland admits “I’ve helped form health policy at the national level.”

“The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) announced significant accomplishments in its advocacy efforts…..with the inclusion of language establishing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in the recently passed health reform legislation” (AMGA News, March 29, 2010)

You maybe wondering what an “Accountable Care Organization” or “ACO” is. Here’s what the AMGA says an ACO is: “The AMGA, Alexandria, Va., said multispecialty medical groups “already function” as accountable care groups ” (Modern Healthcare Magazine, “AMGA Releases Principles for Accountable Care Organizations”, June 3, 2010)

That is, multispecialty medical groups, just like The Jackson Clinic.

So what? Well, here’s where it gets good. Looks like Dr. Kirkland and the Doctors at The Jackson Clinic stand to make out like bandits financially with the passage of Obamacare, thanks to the legislative language the AMGA donations and lobbyists (like Dr. Kirkland) got inserted into Obamacare creating these “ACO’s”.

From the same article in Modern Healthcare Magazine: “HHS officials are drafting rules for such accountable care groups to begin in 2012 under provisions in this year’s health reform law that allows Medicare to give a cut of the savings to groups that meet cost-control and quality targets.”

This all started with Dr. Kirkland and the AMGA getting an $18,000 per Doctor subsidy written into the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (or porkulus bill). $18,000 per doctor doesn’t sound like a lot, but multiply that times the 105,000 doctors who make up the AMGA and you get a total of well over ONE BILLION DOLLARS. All taxpayer money.

And Kirkland has the gall to call out other candidates for taking $3 million in farm subsidies over the last 10 years, when he spends a BILLION of our taxpayer dollars in one shot?

Well, you may be asking, what does this have to do with everything else?

The $18,000 per doctor subsidy is supposed to be for the purchase of Electronic Medical Record software, which will take the place of the patients ability to determine whether or not they are receiving quality service from their doctor.

From Modern Healthcare Magazine, “AMGA leaders urge members to raise their voices”, March 4, 2009:

“Immediate past chairman, Ronald Kirkland, who chairs the board for the Jackson (Tenn.) Clinic Professional Association, noted how congressional staffers reached out to the AMGA while drafting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, leading to the inclusion of an $18,000 subsidy for physicians who adopt information technology.

Kirkland told the AMGA members that they can pay their dues with that amount, and added that “if this doesn’t excite you, ask a doctor to check your pulse.”

Bureaucracies love documents, and the EMR software is designed to show these “cost-saving” measures that will earn these doctors their cut of supposed Medicare savings.

Basically, Ron and the AMGA paid members of Congress to make him and his AMGA cronies even richer.

Not to mention, the Federal Government in 2012 will mandate everyone on Medicare/Medicaid and the Govt healthcare plan will have to use these “ACO’s” (like the Jackson Clinic), taking away our choice of doctor, and running out of practice private physicians.

Now to part II of Dr. Kirkland.

Dr. Kirkland says he is pro-life. His campaign team released a statement stating “In NY-23 last year, national Republican politicians backed Dede Scozzafava, a liberal Republican, over Doug Hoffman, a conservative accountant.”

Funny, especially when Kirkland himself has donated to the campaign of fellow AMGA member Dr. Nan Hayworth, who is running for the NY 19th District seat in the House. Hayworth is PRO-CHOICE and MODERATE

Hayworth’s husband, Scott Hayworth, also a donor to Kirkland’s campaign, happens to be the current Chair of the AMGA, and an abortion doctor, and pro-abortion activist with ACOG in NY.

Add in Kirkland’s big brother Robert Kirkland, who has already spent over $500,000 of his own money IN THE PRIMARY in an “Independent Expenditure” campaign that has been ethically questioned to help little brother Ronald get elected, in addition to the $250,000 Ron Kirkland himself loaned his campaign.

Why is Ron so determined to occupy the 8th District seat?

I have attempted to ask the Kirkland campaign numerous times to address these issues, and I have received nothing but silence.

I have sent this information to every news organization in the 8th District, once again, nothing but silence.

I guess the newspapers would rather have all of that Kirkland advertising money coming in than to post factual information or engage in any actual journalism that would result in not-so-flattering information coming out about Dr. Kirkland.

So, I am posting this in the hopes that independent minded individuals will at least take a look, and if you get a chance “Ask Dr. Ron” yourselves about all of his activities.


The West Tennessee Conservative