NRSC, Dayspring Threaten Blogger With Private Emails, Black-listing

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Referred by Mark Levin on Facebook, Must read: GOP unleashes thugs and threats.

I was debating whether to publish this post. After seeing this below pop up just now, I decided to go with it. There may be a part two, as well. Stay tuned.

Evidently it isn’t only groups establishment Republicans are now threatening and blacklisting. I received similar threats below last week. See below.

The GOP group that’s blacklisted by the GOP

Mitch McConnell has a bad habit of blaming the grassroots for the party’s losses and ignoring our role in the party’s victories.

Immediately after learning of a recent NRSC effort to attack the GOP’s grassroots base and any potential primary challenges to its incumbents, I shot off an email to them suggesting a conference call, as I suspected the tactics would backfire. I still believe that and, in fact, they already have. The opposition to McConnell in Kentucky has grown significantly precisely because of the heavy-handed tactics of what appears to be a bunch of frat boys running wild and carelessly running their mouths on behalf of the NRSC.

They seem to have a bad habit of doing that from the New York Times, to Twitter and now to bloggers in email. Big mistake.

It was only afterward that I read and came to fully understand the length to which the NRSC seems willing to go to stifle political dissent within its own party.


Upon understanding what they were up to in detail, I then wrote a much deserved scathing critique – leaving out Dayspring and an associate with whom I was to speak on Monday.

In 9 plus years of blogging, never have I seen a story this telling of a Republican Party that doesn’t understand its base, or New Media. Worse, it’s indicative of a corrupt inside the Beltway party that has abandoned, or decided to ignore nearly everything I believe in as an American and a conservative. This is a disaster for several reasons I’ll try to briefly and clearly explain my thinking below.

NRSC, Dayspring Threaten Blogger With Private Emails, Black-listing – Riehl World News.


Shop Conservatively… Literally With New App

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There is a fantastic new app on the scene. It is called Second Vote and you can now look at how the places where you shop spend their money and how they lean Politically. It is a must have if we are going to send a strong enough message to liberals. Warning, we may not have many places to shop anymore if we ban them all. The way it works is simple. You can either browse through the stores or search for one in particular. The scoring system is 1-3 = actively liberal, 4-5 = passively liberal, 6-7 = passively conservative and 8-10 = actively conservative. You can also vote within the app and say yes you will shop there or no you won’t. There are businesses out there that are actively engaged in destroying this Nation and I believe We The People have a right to know what agenda we are supporting when we choose to shop there. I urge all of you to get this app. The link is here:

Shop Conservatively… Literally With New App – Tea Party Nation.

America’s Rating as a Free Country Continues to Plummet

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This is a sad article for me to post….we are losing our freedoms folks.

Freedom can be defined in many ways. However, one of the greatest indicators of freedom and liberty is economic freedom. True free-market capitalism is the basis of individual liberty. However, America is no longer a top 5 contender, and we haven’t been for a years. Actually, America is barely even in the top 10. The 2012 Index of Economic Freedom study reports that America continues to fail. Who took first place in economic freedom in 2012? The



answer may surprise you. It was Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s score was an 89.9%, which was a 0.2% increase from 2011. Following Hong Kong in order: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Chile, Mauritius, Ireland, and finally America at number 10. America’s economic freedom score was a 76.3%, which is down 1.5% from 2011. In fact, America is no longer even rated as a “Free” nation, which is a title granted only to countries with a score above 80%, but a “Mostly Free” nation. Right behind America rated at number 11 is Denmark. Denmark places the highest total tax pressure on its citizens in the world.

This study takes the following 10 benchmarks into account when rating countries: Freedom from corruption, property rights, individual fiscal freedom, restrained government spending, monetary freedom, business freedom, labor freedom, trade freedom, investment freedom, and financial freedom. As mentioned earlier, economic freedom is more vast than it may sound on the surface. It includes all of the above benchmarks, which affect our everyday lives. Money is not the root of all evil; however it is at the root of our lives and if we are not economically free one must ask themselves if our freedom simply a fallacy. There are 9 other countries more economically free than America and our rating is dropping drastically. In 2010, America was rated number 8.  With the numbers trending down and all of the benchmarks trending towards negative values America’s rating should not be expected to improve when the 2013 ratings are released.

There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty. -Margaret Thatcher

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Confirmed: Obama White House Told Law Enforcement to “Stand Down” and Not Enforce the Law Against Occupy Protestors

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No surprise here….if this had been a Republican Tea Party bunch, they would have pepper sprayed and tazered them, then sent in a SWAT team. 100% political and Chicago style tactics is what we see here. Not to mention putting the DOJ on the top Romney donor, raiding Gibson guitar company (which is Republican) and no telling what else next.

The Obama Administration told law enforcement to “stand down” and not enforce the law against the violent #Occupy protesters according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

This was after the criminal group had already participated in several acts of violence and criminal behavior.

Occupy Portland does its thing.

Judicial Watch reported:

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained recordsfrom the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicating that the General Services Administration (GSA), with the blessing of the Obama White House, instructed law enforcement officers to “stand down” and not arrest “Occupy Portland” protestors who were in violation of the law.

The records, obtained pursuant to a November 11, 2011, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, include internal DHS correspondence. One November 6, 2011, e-mail exchange between DHS/National Protection and Programs Directorate Chief of Staff Caitlin Durkovich and GSA Public Buildings Service Commissioner Robert Peck (who has since been fired) specifically related to Occupy Portland protests taking place on federal property in Portland:

I am sorry to be emailing you on a Sunday night, but wanted to let you know our Press Shop has received a couple of calls from Portland media outlets about a group of 11 protesters who again set up camp at Terry Shrunk Plaza in Portland last night. They have chained themselves to a large drum filled with concrete. GSA controls the permits and has asked FPS [Federal Protective Services] not to enforce the curfew at park and the prohibition on overnight encampments. Reporters have asked if we will be arresting the protestors as FPS did last week.

Our FPS Commander in Portland says they are standing down and following GSA’s request to only intervene if there is a threat to public safety.

Peck responds:

Caitlin: yes, that is our position; it’s been vetted with our Administrator and Michael Robertson, our chief of staff, and we have communicated with the WH [White House], which has afforded us the discretion to fashion our approach to Occupy issues…The arrests last week were carried out despite our request that the protesters be allowed to remain and to camp overnight…

Occupy Portland is part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has been beset with accusations of “crimes and dangerous behavior” during its protests.

It’s an Obama world

Gateway Pundit

Carville Says Tea Party is Over

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Boy, has this guy got a surprise coming….November! From the

James Carville: ‘The Tea Party Is Over’


By Hunter Walker 6/27/12


Liberal political consultant James Carville sent a fundraising email to supporters of upstate New York congresswoman Louise Slaughter entitled “The Tea Party is Over.” In the email, Mr. Carville claimed the Tea Party isn’t entirely finished, but he said they can be eliminated by donating to “proud Democrats like Louise Slaughter.”

“These Tea Party Republicans have worn out their welcome. But I’m telling you — getting rid of ‘em won’t be easy. They’re not leaving on their own. We’re going to have to boot them out the door like unwanted house guests,” Mr. Carville wrote. “That’s why we’ve got to get behind proud Democrats like Louise Slaughter to make sure we can win a Democratic Majority.”

Mr. Carville pointed to the conservative mega donors Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers as evidence Democrats need to open their wallets if they want to take out the Tea Party and win a majority in Congress.

“With the Koch boys, Mr. Rove and a Fat Cat Las Vegas casino mogul writing multi-million dollar checks to try and buy this election, it’s going to take every last one of us kicking in what we can to make sure we reelect good folks like Louise and win a Democratic Majority,” Mr. Carville wrote.

Ms. Slaughter is facing a challenge from Republican Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks. Ms. Slaughter currently has $670,189 cash on hand compared to Ms. Brooks’ $367,583. Despite Ms. Slaughter’s financial advantage, Ms. Brooks is seen as a formidable candidate and is rather popular in the district, which is favorable to Democrats, but grew more Republican through redistricting.


Finally, Someone Pegs Romney’s Lies to Conservatives..

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Why are conservatives so wary of Mitt Romney? Because we’ve seen him in action, and he’s on record. And, as they say, a skunk can’t change it’s stripes. Here’s the telling article from The Hill:

Mitt Romney’s hostile takeover of the right

By Brent Budowsky

For Mitt Romney this is like the good old days at Bain Capital, except this time his takeover involves not another company but the Republican Party. In fact, Romney is seeking a hostile takeover of the conservative movement, methodically moving to take over Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and finally Newt Gingrich. Conservatives might remember what Romney did after he took over companies. You did not want to be a worker in a firm Romney took over. He liked layoffs.

I now expect Romney to move fast to the right for a few weeks while he buys stock in the Republican nomination. Once he owns a majority of shares, if he does, that is when he begins to sell his conservative positions, and start buying to his center and his left to get ready for Obama. Goodbye, conservative, hello, moderate, once the time is right for Mitt.

If Romney is elected, and Democrats either keep control of the Senate or win control of the House, Romney will head for Capitol Hill, sit down with Reid and Pelosi, and deal. In fact, even if Democrats lose the Senate but threaten filibusters, which they would, the Romney you will see then will look nothing like the conservative Mitt Romney you see today, and will look more like the moderate to liberal Mitt Romney who was governor.

Who would be the political equivalent of the workers Romney laid off when he took over companies? Of course, conservatives.

Las Vegas oddsmakers should have two betting pools. The first is who wins the election. The second, if Romney wins, is which Romney wins. I will take the weather-vane moderate and the points, haha.

Give Romney credit for this. He is good at what he does. He does takeovers. Workers learned this the hard way when Romney ran Bain. Conservatives will learn the hard way once Romney is nominated, if he is.

There might even be some conservatives who would rather take their chances with Obama for another term, rather than spending four or eight years being laid off by Romney if his takeover succeeds.


Romney, The GOP Love Child

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The lame stream media say that Herman Cain doesn’t matter now, that he can’t win. Guess what, he’s pulled out front because THE PEOPLE like what he says. Mitt Romney seems to be their love child. Guess what ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and all the rest of you…if you’ve paid attention, it wasn’t you that changed congress in 2008…and it won’t be you that puts more conservatives in the Senate and White House in 2012. Shut up, quit trying to kiss up to Romney, and report the dayam news….let the people make up their own minds…it’s media that has poisoned the people, along with all the crooked politicians that have poisoned WDC.

Realize this…every candidate can be picked apart…look at the story below with the audit thing. How much can you say about Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum (who I think is a real nurdo), Newt Gingrich, or any of the rest? How many times have we preached the constitutionalism of Ron Paul, and his near spotless record, but what do you hear in the news about him? Huh? Be honest. Ron Paul IS NOT A LUNITIC. Herman Cain is not either. It’s a choice people, who would be best in the office to lead us back to prosperity and conservatism? Is Romney, who can’t figure what his stand is today, how about Rick Santorum, who richly endorsed Romney in 08 as “the conservative”, and now he’s not. (Oh, and Cain endorsed him too, but not as a conservative…as a businessman.)

Herman Cain is leading the polls, and it’s different than because Romney got in first and has raised a lot of money…or Rick Perry, who came in as an alternative to Romney. Cain has earned his marks, and if the media doesn’t kill him, the establishment RINO’s will…and we as the people who are begging for change, if we accept that, should be ashamed. Is Cain perfect? Nope, but he is different…he’s not a politician…what we’ve been begging for, and it looks like it just may be resonating.

Today on Laura Ingram, Haley Barber (R, MS) said the following: “If this election is where it ought to be, and that is a referendum on how President Obama is doing, Republicans are going to win. If Herman Cain is our nominee against Barack Obama, I think he’ll sweep the south,” Gov. Haley Barbour (R-Miss.) told Laura Ingraham today.

“I think if it were today my wife would vote for Herman Cain. One of my sons, I have grown children, you know, from the first day said ‘Dad, do you know Herman Cain?’ I said sure, I’ve known him since I was Chairman. He said “Man, I like him, I like what he says,” and that is one of his great strengths Laura. He is likable. He does not give you the impression that he is full of himself, but rather than he is a straight-talkin’ person who, will tell you, he call it like he sees them. He’s not trying to sugar coat anything and at the same time he is not trying to be shrill and a chest beater. He’s a straight talker and I think that makes him very, very attractive to people.”

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