US Cedes Economic Independence To IMF

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Well I knew they were establishing more world government controls  at the G20 summitt, but couldn’t find any proof. Well here’s a little bit.

US Cedes Economic Independence To IMF

In this video commentary, Dick Morris  discusses how the United States, at the G20 conference, put itself under the guidance and, ultimately, control of the International Monetary Fund even as it succeeded in turning more power in that organization over to debtor nations.  The Declaration of Independence is being repealed before our eyes.  (Guess what? The president doesn’t have the Constitutional authority to do this. Put another entity outside the US in control of our economy? )



Another great, but unbelievable article by pastor Chuck Baldwin:


White House Debunks Reports It Will Fly China’s Flag on South Lawn

A ceremony, indeed, will take place. But it won’t happen on the White House grounds — rather, on the Ellipse, on the other side of E Street from the presidential residence


By Chuck Baldwin

Lest anyone doubt the communist leanings of President Barack Obama, look no further than to his decision to hoist the Red Chinese flag (for the first time in history) over the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, September 20.

According to China Daily, “Chinese associations in the United States had applied to hold a ceremony in front of the US President’s residence to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC [People’s Republic of China] . . .

“More than 1,000 people will attend the ceremony and the performances held after it, according to Zhao Luqun, who will direct the performances.

“Zhao said the performances will demonstrate the friendship, magnanimous spirit and kindness of modern Chinese people.”

Trying to find words to describe the extreme offensiveness of flying the Communist Chinese flag over the White House challenges my vocabulary. Words such as UNBELIEVABLE, UNREAL, HORRIFIC, OBSCENE, even TRAITOROUS quickly come to mind. Maybe Obama really is the Manchurian Candidate.

The historical record of Mao’s murderous march to power staggers the imagination. According to Chinese historian Jung Chang, from 1958-1961, 38 million Chinese people were starved or worked to death, and 27 million died in Laogai death camps through 1976. The Weekly Standard quotes Chinese freedom fighter Harry Wu as saying that 15 million died in China’s labor camps through 1997. According to Agence France Presse, as many as 5 million were killed in rural purges from 1946-1949, and 1 million were killed in urban purges through 1957.

Then there is Tiananmen Square in 1989, when the Communist Chinese army murdered more than 2,000 college students. The number first reported by Chinese officials was 2,600, but then was quickly retracted. Early American estimates put the number at more than 3,000. The true number of deaths will likely never be known.

Now President Barack Obama is going to hoist the Communist Chinese flag above the White House to “celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC.”

This is the same PRC that murdered 50-70 million of its own people. This is the same PRC that murdered thousands of Chinese students at Tiananmen Square. This is the same PRC that sent tens of thousands of troops to kill American soldiers and Marines in North Korea and Vietnam. This is the same PRC that yet today persecutes, imprisons, tortures, and kills Christians, Buddhists, and other people of faith. This is the PRC that still operates torture chambers, labor camps, and death squads. This is the same PRC that demands that Chinese families have no more than one child: meaning death to children where there is already a sibling present in the home. This is the same PRC that Obama wants to “celebrate” by flying its flag above the White House.

Why is the mainstream press not all over this story? Where is the outrage by veterans’ organizations (especially Korean War veterans)? Where is the national VFW? Where is the American Legion? Where is John Murtha? Where is John Kerry? Where is John McCain?

Perhaps one blogger summed it up the best. He said, “It can now be official–leave the [Chinese] flag there.” His point is well taken.

China already owns more U.S. debt than any other entity. America’s politicians from both parties have superintended over the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs and factories to (mostly) China. America’s business elite at the Chamber of Commerce has willingly traded U.S. business interests to China at unprecedented and dangerous levels. Major banking institutions have enthusiastically orchestrated the commercial and financial buildup of Communist China. America’s military and political leadership have even helped augment Red China’s military apparatus.

“Made in China” labels appear on almost everything we buy today; perhaps it is appropriate that the Red flag flies over the White House. While we’re at it, let’s hoist the Red flag over the newsrooms of many of America’s newspapers; the headquarters of ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN; most of the political science classrooms at America’s major colleges and universities; many of our mainline “Christian” denominations; the boardrooms of many major U.S. corporations; and also over many of the smoke-filled parlors of Big Labor. In the end, they all seem to be colored a pale shade of red these days.

Mexican truckers sue U.S. for $6 billion

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Mexican truckers sue U.S. for $6 billion

Trucking group Canacar says U.S. isn’t complying with a cross-border trucking plan under NAFTA.

Some Mexican truckers can’t wait for the Obama administration to reinstate cross-border trucking.

Thousands of carriers are suing the U.S. government for reneging on Bush’s policy of opening the border to select Mexican trucking companies.

According to Reuters, about 4,500 trucking companies represented by Canacar, the Mexican trucking association, are suing the U.S. for $6 billion over this country’s refusal to allow Mexican trucks to haul across the border as stipulated by the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Mexico put $2.4 billion in punitive tariffs on U.S. exports in March after Congress voted to kill a 2007 cross-border pilot program.

Last month, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the White House is vetting a plan he hopes to take to Congress for clearance in June. His aim is to address the concerns about safety that Congress cited when it cut off funding for the Bush administration’s limited cross-border program.

Under NAFTA, the crossing was supposed to have been opened to border-state traffic in 1995 and to long-distance traffic in 2000. The opening was stalled until 2007, in part by difficult negotiations with Mexico, but mainly by the legislative and legal tactics of U.S. labor, owner-operator and citizen advocacy groups who fear loss of U.S. jobs to Mexican drivers and argue that Mexican trucks will not be safe.


Military on the Streets? Report argues for domestic police role for military


Before I post this article I’m going to paste in a couple of comments made at the bottom of the article. We have just lost our minds asking the military to play a domestic police role? Doesn’t anyone know history anymore? Dictators and tyrannts take over this way…I don’t care if this is the United States of America, it can happen here also. I remember what I heard Adrian Rogers say many times.“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” and this desire to put military on our streets for law enforcement has got to stop. It may sound like a good gesture,but it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. History shows this…..Here’s the two comments I spoke of:

John Galt: What is it about the Posse Comitatus Act these power freaks dont understand? Willful, flagrant violations of the Constitution and usurpations of power. Insurrection. A silent Coup. Treason. That carries a stiff penalty. “Congress shall have the Power to declare the punishment for Treason,”. But Congress itself is adhering to the Enemy and giving aid and comfort. The silence of Congress is tacit approval. Who now to enforce the laws of the Union and suppress the insurrection? There is only one enforcement arm, The Militia.

Usher in the New Year with solders in the streets of America. What a fine little fascist paradise we have become. Get use to seeing machingun toting skin head jackbooted Nazi’s on your corners. Your papers pleeze.

Happy New Year, One and ALL

John Galt
December 31, 12:26 PM

nonyabiz: Great reporting. Thank you for bringing these important issues to light to the citizens of the US. It’s high time! If people only knew, and they should, what rights are being stripped away that are not being told in the press! We have a right to know and you as reporters have not only have the right but an obligation to deliver it.I hope more will follow in your footsteps.
Thank you again Jay for speaking truth to power in such a comendable way.
December 31, 12:18 PM

Report argues for domestic police role for military

December 30, 2:08 PM
The Posse Comitatus Act was passed in 1878, just after the end of the Reconstruction following the Civil War, and prohibited the federal government from using the military for domestic law enforcement purposes except in very rare cases.  Per Wikipedia, the Act was a political concession to Southern states, withdrawing the Union military forces that policed ex-Confederate states during the Reconstruction.

A couple months ago, the Department of Defense announced it was assigning a full-time Army unit to be on call to facilitate military cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security in the event of another terrorist attack.

A report in the Army Times last month first brought the domestic deployment to light. The Army’s 3rd Infantry Division 1st Brigade Combat Team became the first unit assigned permanently to Northern Command.

According to the Army Times report, the Team would be on-call to respond in the event of a natural disaster or terror attack anywhere in the country, or they could be used to “help with civil unrest and crowd control.” (Link)

This clearly raises issues with respect to the Posse Comitatus Act, but even more troubling are recent reports a U.S. Army War College professor has written a report asserting military intervention would be required in a number of domestic scenarios.

The author warns potential causes for such civil unrest could include another terrorist attack, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters.” The situation could deteriorate to the point where military intervention was required, he argues.

The author of the report notes the proposals are his alone and don’t represent U.S. policy, but it’s also certain the report has been read throughout the Defense Department. But economic collapse?  Loss of functioning political order?  Purposeful domestic resistance? That’s one terrifying slippery slope.  And not in keeping with American values.

Read the article at the Nashville