Obama should know from the Supreme Court ruling on Richard Nixon and Watergate……’executive privilege’ can’t be used to cover up a crime.

For six weeks in the 1980s, the Iran-Contra Affair was covered for several hours each day, by the news media. I know this, because I watched it (no such media event has occurred with this investigation). In the end, due to the cooperation of the administration, it was found that Reagan was not guilty of any portion of the operation. However, today, as the house gears up for a contempt vote, Obama issued Holder “Executive Privilege” so that he would not have to turn over documents requested by Darryl Issa and the Fast and Furious investigation. As many of us know from the Nixon years, executive privilege does not cover criminal activity. It’s not surprising that Obama thinks the law does not apply to him or members of his cabinet, as he is, at best, disturbed that anyone assumes he is to follow the laws of this nation.
Obama, himself, has said it best, “Only people with something to hide…” and he’s right. His attempts to save his attorney general may be more of an attempt to keep his name out of mess that likely was initiated by the bungler-in-chief. Another thing many of us remember is that Nixon’s crimes were those of a rank-amateur compared to Obama and his thuggie White House allies. Nixon is probably rolling in his grave thinking, ‘Why didn’t I just ignore the Constitution?’
The news this morning has been filled with crimes Obama intends to commit. The leaks from SCOTUS have effectively declared the Obamacare mandate un-Constitutional, and the Democrats have determined that they will ram through as much of what remains of the law as they can before the whole law becomes “null and void.” The Obama administration is watching their house of cards crumble, and they’re fighting for dear life. Of course, these are the same people that snuff the life out of babies, and anyone declared an enemy of the United States. They don’t believe in trials for the condemned.
At the very least, Darryl Issa and the investigative committee have given Holder a chance to clear himself, and the Democrats/Liberals/Socialist/Communist/Marxists have cried foul. With all that has taken place within the last year, several true Democrats or just those wishing to save their cushy jobs have backed away from Obama and the convention. Although, the Republicans are not always the best guys in the ring, they are heads above the Democrats who have taken over control of the government and sent us spiraling into a heap of Third World Dung.
Would that this nation see the honesty and the dignity that we held during the Reagan years when men admitted their guilt and then did the right thing by resigning their posts. Those were the years of men governing a country and not boys playing at political peril. What has happened this morning is just one more piece of proof that the liberal party will always act above the law while making laws that allow them to commit criminal acts for which they have no intentions of paying. Fast and Furious was responsible for the murder of American and Mexican citizens, including the deaths of two border patrolman, and if the house fails in their attempt to find justice, those lives will forever be immoral sacrifices.

Judge Napolitano: Invoking Executive Privilege Opens Holder Up To Charges Of ‘Misleading The Congress

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Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News Channel’s America Live to discuss President Barack Obama’s invocation of executive privilege to keep certain documents relating to the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal from being released. “They can’t have it both ways,” Napolitano said. The administration could argue that Fast and Furious related to national security, which would be covered by executive privilege, but that would open Attorney General Eric Holder to charges he mislead Congress.

We may be on the precipice of a constitutional confrontation between the executive branch, the White House, and the Congress. Executive privilege is defined in the leading Supreme Court case, interestingly United States v. Nixon, that’s Richard Nixon, that’s the Watergate-era. That’s the efforts of the special prosecutor to subpoena tapes from President Nixon as protecting conversation with the President himself.

Now the letter that Eric Holder wrote to the President saying ‘please give me executive privilege’ does not say ‘because I discussed this with you Mr. President, but the implication is there. Executive privilege protects communications with the president; the human being of the president – not the people who work for him and the Justice Department.

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer summarized Napolitano’s argument, that he feels that these documents relating to Fast and Furious are not subject to executive privilege, and asked “why would [the White House] seek this?”

Napolitano said that there is something in the documents that Holder is trying to keep secret. “If the Attorney General discussed this with the President, he probably doesn’t want the Congress and the public to know that because we know about the awful events that occurred as a result of the Fast and Furious escapade,” said Napolitano.

He said that executive privilege only applies to matters of national security and “fighting the drug war,” in his opinion, would have to be defined by the administration as falling within the rubric of national security.

“The last time this happened – 40-years-ago in the Nixon Watergate saga, a federal judge ruled against the President and the Supreme Court upheld his ruling,” said Napolitano. “We may see this going in that direction now.”

Finally, Napolitano inferred that the invocation of executive privilege suggests that Holder discussed the details of this operation with the President which is “at odds” with his testimony before Congress – this could lead to a charge of “misleading the Congress.”

“They can’t have it both ways,” Napolitano concluded. “If the President was not personally involved, executive privilege does not apply.” He said that the administration could make a case that these documents relate to national security, but that would contradict Holder’s testimony before Congress.

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